Shaunyb123 left a comment 4/14/2008 7:56 AM

i would love to have some street spots close to me. we got about a 1ft high grind box on an old railway track and some shitty flatbanks. Theres some decent spots in wolverhampton but its 2 trains away...

Shaunyb123 left a comment 4/14/2008 7:54 AM

well i started rideing early last year so for the trails season i was mainly on the smaller jumps (4ft ish). Ive rode park all winter and have improved quite a bit This year as soon as the main local jumps have dried up im hitting the big 6 - 8ft sets straight away and probably wont stop all fru the summer smile

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j virus

hey thanx 4 the add u prob ably hear this alot but i idolise matt hoffman.. along with scotty cramner and corey martinez of course.
keep up the good work =D

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j virus

hmm nt sure bout bike wise but the new macneil bibi frame is £200 and officially the best lookin and lightest frame goin... the frame is mostt of the bike so im sure that will make a huge difference =D hw long u bin ridin nw? add me btw =D

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hey ummm im new on flat land ive been doiing ramps so whats the best flat land bmx bike?

Shaunyb123 left a comment 4/10/2008 9:48 AM

plenty of good trails sets in the mids smile bit wet atm though need to dry up sad got 3 sets within 30 min ride of me. Love rideing epic though

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j virus

do u ride ? ad me btw =D

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j virus

thanx 4 the comment. yeh but that doesnt explain why they call them jaffa CAKES tho hmmmm...this thing has got me 2 confused now..

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Jaffa cakes r biscuits dude.

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patty bmx

yer its southbank. and theres a lot of spots but you just got to explore! i havent been riding up london for long so i dont know loads of places to ride.

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j virus

wow send me some of ur pics aswel!!!....add me

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BMXkid18 left a comment 3/2/2008 1:56 PM

its not really that high is it??...ive done higher like that 2 pic loading dock sequence in my picture section...but idk...when i got my first real BMX bike all i did for a year was bunnyhops,manuals,and aired small dirt jumps with no tricks....then i learned bank 180s and thats when i really started biking in april 07 when i made my profile so i guess i got alot of practice with my bunnyhops. i just get up to the right speed,pull up my front higher than what im hoppin when i get to the right spot to start the hop,and then kick up my back.high hops are all bout technique,timing,and strength.

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j virus

hey wot kind of bmx do u ride? addme..

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j virus

sweet thats that place in london in your picture.i go there alot. where else do u ride round there?

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im_aaron69 left a comment 2/25/2008 1:31 AM

would have gone if i was in the same country lol :p should go sesh loads summer time.