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I think this would be a close one between Doyle and Reynolds but I think Doyle would win. They do different types of tricks but it would be a lot easier to land a one foot table to topside can as a fluke than it would to land a 360 tailwhip/invert/no ... more »

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Metal all day. I like not having to buy a new set of pedals every few months and I like knowing that my pedals aren't going to snap if I do a big drop/land flat. I switched to plastic back in the day to be a weight weenie but I went through so many pedals ... more »

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Going brakeless does teach you bike control but once you put the brakes back on after ages you'll have even more bike control. Well that's how it was for me at least.

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Lol my frame has a 21.5" tt ahaha

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I just guesstimated since it's about head height for me and I'm 6 ft. And for the distance it's definitely longer than the biggest jump from another line which is nearly 5 metres (16 ft). But it doesn't really matter haha it's big and should hopefully

... more »
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This is the jump we're working on now. It's a pretty shitty photo but it's a 15-20ish ft hip. The lip is probably about 6 ft tall and the landing is the same for now but we're bombing it out soon.
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That first one was pretty crazy even if it was mostly stuff they were used to.

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Do you ever watch videos that you watched years ago and notice stuff that you didn't notice the first time since you didn't know as much about bmx? It's happened to me twice in the last week aha 1. That random ghetto spot that Chase Hawk rides in that ... more »

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This. One of the greatest to ever do it.

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I like cult more because everyone on the team is a totally rad rider. idk how to explain it properly but there's no "trendy" riders on the team. As in there's no Chad Kerley or Stevie Churchill riders on the team.

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This. They're all pretty good riders obviously buy I'd hardly call that stacked. I agree with gotthesecircas, Odyssey is a team that's stacked.

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I really liked that orange bike Chase Hawk used to have. Tom Dugan's had some pretty nice bikes too like that all red t-1 and that green fit. At the moment though my favorite pro set up would be Clint Reynold's army green credence/s&m.

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I've got loads of stuff I want to learn but the main one is 540 airs. Proper ones too. As in at least a few feet above the coping. I just realllly like the look of Tom Dugan's ones. Also getting footjam tailwhips dialed enough to do on quarters.

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That was sick. Idk if if it's the camera or something but your bike looks SUPER small compared to you haha

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If you want "poppier" lips you should tighten the transition. So take the lip that you want to make poppy and keep the angle at the top of the lip but make the length of the lip shorter. I wouldn't recommend this though b/c it really feels like shit ... more »

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I get what you're saying but when you think about it it would be nicer to have a shitload of cash and not be able to ride than no cash and not be able to ride

but anyway best of luck with your recovery
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There's two air clips in this video hahaha Watching that video again made me realise a few things 1. Chad Kerley is far more interesting to watch ride "street" at a skatepark than whenever he actually rides any real street 2. His riding looks way better ... more »

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This. My local is like fucking World War Z.