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@Tomdon They released a whole bunch of classified documents a week or two ago and apparently that's all it was, a research facility for planes and shit. That's apparently where they designed and tested the U2 spy plane. edit: What Chris said.

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idk how true this is but I've heard that since the bike is longer it means you can get it higher before you leave the ground and therefore you can hop higher aswell.

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Watch it here I've only watched the intro so far but that was pretty rad

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I'm not that much off a Lacey fan but he does have some fucking beautiful threes on ramps and some really nice turndowns. Apart from that I wouldn't really say he's that styley either. He's a fucking boss but yeah I don't think he's tooo styley

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I do quite like that song ahaha but his actual riding looks whack as hell. I'm not really sure how to properly describe it but it's kind of like forced steeze almost. He just has such a weird riding stance or something I really don't know. I just know ... more »

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You don't seem to post as many stupid threads anymore and you're actually doing tricks now which is good. It's also pretty rad that you ride trails. But you still look like a total loser when you make all these tough guy comments, whether you're joking ... more »

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Best: Hawk, Clint Reynolds, Garret in his props bio, Simone, everyone in anthem 2, Trey Jones, Chad Kerley when he rides park, Matt Cordova, Kyle Baldock just because he is so insanely dialled, Dak, UK Robbo, Nasty, Luke Parslow, Ruben, BF Worst - Spinner, ... more »

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Does anyone else really not like this section? I really like Chris Doyle and Anthem 2 is my favorite movie but I really felt like this section was a big letdown. The riding in it is pretty sweet but the song choice just absolutely turns me off the section. ... more »

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Who do you think has the nicest tables in bmx? How many jumps are at your trails? Can you tireslide? (properly) What's the biggest 180 you've done? What's your psn/what do you play?

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Front Load or Top Load? - Currently FL but dgaf really. Both can look/feel good. Bar Hight and Width? - My bars now (Lago 2) are 8.5" x 29" and I really love the feel of them but I have been eyeing up the S&M Credence bars for a while Tire Psi and ... more »

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I really liked Jeff Kocsis and Jared Washington's sections. They had the perfect balance of style and tricks imo. I also really really really loved that one toothpick by Dave Belcher. Soooo much steeze.

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I want to see more video discussions. Like what people like/don't like about clips, song choice, style etc. And just more general stuff about bmx with less religious debates, weed discussion, and sickdude

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I don't like Chad Kerley as a street rider but he is an amazing park rider. I can't remember which video it is (might be the defgrip one actually) but one of the nike pool videos has a video of one one of his runs and holy shit it was amazing. None of ... more »

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Why was the vans team disqualified?

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Are you pointing the bars forward again? Just wondering since you can land nearly fully kicked out and ride it out if your bars are pointing forward. Also watch the Chase Hawk how to motowhip video. I found that pretty helpful when I learned them. And ... more »

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I'd seen it on youtube a few times before I actually bought a copy and holy shit the quality on the dvd is literally 10 times better than any I've seen on youtube. Also the best bmx movie ever.

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When I was looking at getting my first bmx I wanted to get a Haro because I thought it would be mean since Dave Mirra rode for them in Dave Mirra 2. It's also probably worth mentioning this was in 2009 hahahaha

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^^ In his albion interview Dugan said that he doesn't do any drugs because he's weird enough already haha. Aaron Ross? I've never seen him smoking in any videos or anything but it does seem believable that he would. edit: zenith obviously posted before ... more »

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What I meant was that's just what it says in the bible. I don't personally believe it but I went to a Catholic primary (elementary) school so I know the basics

Also, I've seen that post on tumblr hahaha
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idk God or some shit. He probably told someone at some stage idk ahaha