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God made light on the first day js

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It isn't exactly smart to be tightening parts THAT much but tbh I'd still rather have parts too tight than too loose. I generally just tighten stuff until it becomes too tight to keep doing it by hand. Sometimes I will put a bit of body weight into it ... more »

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Ted Van Orman has a company called life? At the moment I'm pretty sure they only have a stem

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The video where he breaks his bars is too fucking funny.

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Garret Reynolds Dakota Roche Nathan Williams Stevie Churchill In my opinion these guys are all tied for top spot. There's plenty of other street riders I like (Simone Barraco, Sean Burns, Dave Belcher, Jeff Kocsis, AK, Tony Hamlin, Tom Dugan/Dennis Enarson ... more »

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fiver for 5% off. They used to have tenner but that hasn't worked for a while I'm pretty sure.

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Oh that too aha. This guy I know owns a "bike company" and got 200 frames made up and this one was like an extra to the order or something I don't actually know the details. But yeah, it's based of this but with a 21.5" tt, skinnier tubes and no ... more »

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I have a custom frame that wasn't made by s&m, fbm, or solid haha. I've been meaning to upload a new bike check for aaages but I can never really be bothered enough ahaha

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This x 1000. Although IlluminatiGuy is intense about all this shit and "fuck cult and fuck odyssey" etcetcetc at least he actually makes good and helpful posts when he's not bitching about anything. SickDude on the other hand is little more than an annoying ... more »

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What part of that video made you think he's gay?

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practice /thread

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He doesn't work there anymore. That props interview is a few years old now and that's before he got on fit and rockstar. If I remember correctly he gets $2500 a month from fit, well at least when he did his albion interview.

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It only matters really for edits that people actually watch

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Yeah special gregg did the body varial thing. Turns out that pastrana didn't actually land it as well haha

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I've heard loads of other people say they look really nice but they're ugly as fuck imo

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This guy knows what's up (y)

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Whatever Chris Doyle or David Grant's signature frame is. They're both tall as fuck. Idk if Chris Doyle still has a signature frame though.

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That's a pretty nice ride but those tires look freeesssshhhhhh!!!

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People on the Dans pro team would definitely be getting money. They'd probably get their parts/frames straight from the company/distro though. As for empire I would say they probably get parts/frames maybe idk. If they did get money it would definitely ... more »

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Your pants remind me of Alex Raban's bar promo hahaha