Added reply in a thread Tumblr? 5/2/2013 11:56 PM I try post/reblog mainly bmx shit but there's fuck all compared to other shit on my dash so I end up reblogging a lot of non bmx shit. Also lightsinthewoods is my personal favorite tumblr (y)

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Build substantially sized jumps. If you can jump the whole jump on foot it's too small.

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idk what it's like in America but in New Zealand there's a law against shit like this. It says that if something fucks up in an amount of time that's less than a reasonable lifetime for that kind of product (ie. stems) then the place you got it from ... more »

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how on earth are your axles tearing up your shoes on a tailwhip?

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Didn't Travis Pastrana already land this and call it the american roll?

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He followed me on tumblr haha

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I'm pretty sure he didn't

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Can't you just use a chain tensioner? I know pretty much fuck all about them but I don't see why it wouldn't work?

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When you say dirt jumping do you mean like on 26" bikes?

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It's going to take you longer than one day to build some jumps lol it can take at least a whole winter of dedicated digging to get even a few decent sized jumps. Also, don't build tabletops it's just a waste of dirt.

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I've been riding a 1.9 aitken and 2.125 aitken for about a year and never had any real problems but I'm about to get some 2.25 aitken kyltes since I've heard they're pretty sweet

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Started of mountain biking with my dad when I was about 10 or so. I did that for a few years and started riding around a few skateparks snaking everyone. I was going to get a 26" but then I was at a skatepark the same day some really good bmxers were ... more »

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holy shit yes that second topic! I had an argument with one of my friends about this. He was all like fuck yeah big bang but I thought about it and like you said, what was before the big bang? I just don't get the idea that there was "nothing" and it

... more »
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Best thread on vital?

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Harry Main because he has a nicer table.

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Ruff Ryders? hahaha

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Drew Bezanson because tricks or Clint Reynolds because style

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basically bmx started when kids started jumping/racing their bikes like motocross riders, hence bicycle motocross

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I hope you're joking about not knowing where the motor is... But anyway bmx to me is about having fun really. Bombing hills, hauling arse, blasting quarters, digging/roasting jumps of all kinds, bombing hills, almost eating shit, eating shit, steezing ... more »