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Mutiny have posted a couple things up saying that he's still riding but not on Instagram. Maybe he'll be working on a video or something

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Haha I'm from Wokingham near Reading. Local to Fox Hill trails which are getting a bit of exposure now. Haha has Ashford got a good scene? What are the trails in Folkestone called? Didn't realise there was anything over that way

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Hey guys, It's been a while since I was active on here but I wrote this blog post the other day. Hopefully it will resonate with some of you. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Do they make a difference on turndowns at all? dont really know if they would affect it but seems like it may be a trick shorter crank arms would hinder!

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I have a pair of those silencer pegs, they are good but just wondering how long you have had yours!

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I have the RD frame and Bars and the bars are solid, so many people run them and never heard of anyone bending or snapping them! The Frame is also really good, onto my second as i cracked the dropout on my peg side but i am not sure your really supposed ... more »

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I like 2 piece cranks because theres less to go wrong, and it makes installing them easier. I run eclat tibias at the moment and i have had no problems with them what so ever. I also had a pair of original wombolts and they were really good too, so thunderbolts ... more »

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I would go to london and Mike King film, love his style

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this looks so sick

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so the cinema team? and a couple more

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Ben Hittle, he can literally do any trick in a hop and I never hear anyone speak about him

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why have 4 bikes all set up the same way? i would love to have different bike set ups depending on where i am going and what i am riding!

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dan foley, so stylish and he can make something so simple seem amazing

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I am about to start running a gyro, i have heard that dual cable are better than 2-1 for braking power so i would like to know if there are any dual upper cables which will fit the odyssey monolever, not the m2 but the normal one. Also do the snafu lower ... more »

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i think the key is to apply alot of pressure to that foot and try keep your front wheel as close to the coping as possible! they are hard. metal pedals are better for pedal grinds at metal skateparks by a long long way

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i prefer watching this than his current riding

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jamie cole

one problem, the hex bit falls out of the seat post so it rattles around

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I have had mine since july last year. Its really nice to ride with good geo. I have the 21.4" tt and its so goood. I just ride park really nowadays but I have ridden some pretty big trails on it and a few street bits on it and its held up fine. Plus ... more »

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I have a 3 year old proper hub and its locked up and the axle is chewed up alot. I was looking to get something a bit nicer. I have heard good things about the BSD hubs but they just look the same as propers to me with different stamp on them. I know ... more »

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I have the Brazen Mids and I love them. They are the best shoes I have had. Comfy, look good, grippy and last forever, they aren't quite as grippy as the vans waffle sole but they are still good. I would say they are worth it because they last so much ... more »