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Lol you did the classic move, buy new frame, swap the chain over yourself, probably didn’t line the pin up right, broke chain first ride, probably broke it where you broke the chain to move it between frames... I’ve done that a couple times haha

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Pry it, I used to have to pound my axle partway out my eclat hub till the hubguard got moved enough to pry with a flathead

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That’s what I’m running, the tractor chain is the bee’s knees. Comes with a half link so I can get it dialed in just like a half link. That being said I broke all my other full links in under 6 months, then ran interlock v2’s for about five years till ... more »

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You have to be more on top of the bike in your hop, it’s hard to kick when the bike is up vertical for a big hop. Maybe try some footjam tailwhips till those are dialed the kick for those helps a lot, then work on the hop whip once you’re kicking hard. ... more »

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I always thought those tires were too slow. Which sucks because the grip is awesome but I love low rolling resistance, 2.4 is too big and slow for me

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$2150.07 I actually did the math. But that’s spread over like months and years I bought my headset in like 2015 for example and it’s fine so I still run it

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Everybody watches Scotty it’s hard not to. I like S&M’s channel too kareemsworld is funny as hell. Not huge into the vloggers outside of them, I watched Adam lz back in the day before he got his first girl and the whole car thing started too. Other ... more »

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My votes on gsport also, I have rollcages. Went to the bike shop to buy a ribcage and a birdcage but they didn’t have them in chrome. The rollcages are sick they’re cross lace, plenty of drops and hacked spins and no issues lol

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My trippin rims were separated for 4 out of the 5 years I had it and I had no issues. My buddy is running them now still going strong

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Shadow chains and the fly tractor chain have always held up for me. I do a lot of sprocket stalls with no guard and broke chains in under 6 months till these ones

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It’s probably the distributor they use. My friends shop only had one bmx distribution contract, they have to pay to get access to the distributors. So because of who he had he could get odyssey, eclat, wtp, fly, and a few others, but I had to use a different ... more »

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I drive to circuit BMX and pick up something in stock or have them order me stuff. Even frames that are the same price from s&m and the shop I pick up there cause they make some of that profit. But I’m also an hour from a dope BMX specific shop if ... more »

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I don’t whip but shadow invisalite ankle guards will make it feel like you’re wearing a really slippery sock fyi lol I only wear them under the sock but that still feels weird to me. That’s everything I can contribute to this. Some park dudes on here ... more »

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I’ve used so many odyssey linear cables I love them. I actually picked up a fly linear cable earlier this year when my lbs was out of odyssey linears and it rocked, I would recommend it over the odyssey linears and that’s coming from me who rode those ... more »

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Back hub is fine. That means investment cast dropouts, eclat doesn’t say theirs is ic but only way to know if it fits is by trying it. Hopefully it fits! Post a bike check when it’s all together

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Actually yeah I just looked up that hub too after reading nuttys post, if it’s a demolition whistler pro front hub, that’s a 14mm center axle with 3/8 bolts and you’re totally fine

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You’re fucked, get a 10mm hub and try returning the 14mm. Odyssey might sell a 14mm fork still if you can return the forks and I know for sure that s&m does but that’s like retro remake stuff you’d be better off with a new hub and normal modern setups. ... more »

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I’m 26, I have three dudes who are 23-24 who ride regularly with me and my girl who’s 25, but I’m not from where I live because of military so I haven’t really made friends here with any dudes at my level. the guys who ride with me are work buddies who ... more »

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Profile wouldn’t be one of the biggest names in aftermarket bmx parts if they sold “rusty ass shit” my profile parts have always been solid af

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Was hitting some local dirt jumps like 2010ish when I was 15 or 16, didn’t walk them first, landed one of the doubles back pretty far and rode down the landing straight into a sand patch where apparently kids had been running into the woods from the ... more »