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im starting a channel on youtube basically of everyday riding i do, everytime i ride my bike all take a clip or few and upload it and depending how long i go ill make a full edit. if your interested in it. ... more »

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I can land 360s all the time flat im just wondering how i can make them higher.

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Cult OS v3 Frame

Great frame


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Bars- Federal drop v2 grips- Cult Vans grips Stem- Sunday freeze top load Headset- Random one Fork- Cult sect Frame- 21" Cult os v3 cranks- Cult os pedals- some eclat pedals sprocket- Cult os rasta 25t seat- Fiend Seatpost- cult pivitol Front ... more »

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Thanks, i was thinking about it for a long time. i always tend to clip my knee and i dont really use the end of the bars anyways so i thought cutting them would be a good idea.

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I have federal drop v2 bars and there 29" wide. When i ride i tend to keep my hands pretty much where the flange should be. Would it make a difference if i cut like a inch off my bars?

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start off slow, 360s are a pretty hard trick ( sorta) to do with anything sore considering it takes a lot of effort for most people.

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manuals for sure, decently good hops, 180s, 360s, barspins and your set.

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i don't think it matters, i spin right on quarters ( i am also right foot forward) i find it easyier to land smooth. But when i do them flat i just spin to the left and i can to the right also now

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sick 10/10 i love it!

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Well my bike is almost finally built the way i like it, but i dislike my fork. I have a fly pantera fork and i just don't know why but i think its time for a new one. Weight is not a problem or price, im just looking for something new. Any suggestions? ... more »

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I have a half link chain, i find it stronger than my cheap chains i use to buy and i like the idea of being able to put it whatever length and stuff but id still say the best chain is kmc 510

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alright, well its the end of the season so i guess i could give them a try considering its only 9 degrees here now -_-. Worth the risk i guess.

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Should i just wait until i get lhd to try them because i am right foot forward and everyone says im going to kill my chain and sprocket trying them? If so whats a cheapish but good hub?

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alright thanks

hopefully ill have the frame within the next few days.
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well i think it might be that im hoping to high because i landed a few hop manuals today and it felt like i was almost hitting the edge of the ledge today but it was easier to get prepared.

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its a legit s3.5 he got it at the shop when it first released and hes not a hard rider considering he can't do much because he barley bikes. No cracks or anything either just like two small dents on the left chainstay and i grind on the right side but ... more »

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Alright someone at my local park wants to trade me my frame ( fit prk3 ) and $100 for his fit aitken s3.5. My frame has no dents or anything and his has like two littles ones. Is this a fair deal, is it a good frame also?

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sunday isn't bad at all, depends on your style, i personally don't like how they feel but everyone that i know that owns one loves it, even the stock ones.

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thats another weird thing, i can do those really well also but i can seem to get the manual, i can do them fine flat but not hoping.