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Jason Lopez and Andrew Lang ride Berkeley park..Filmed and editted by Justin Giannone

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i thnk i walked about 4 or 5 miles because i had just got 2 brand new rims and i had patches in both my tires but didnt think much of it so i ride about a mile and walk up this hill because there is a local mini ramp at some church at the top of the hill so i walk up the hill and i ride the mini ramp and my tires yes both go flat because i ran over glass so i walk my bike downhill because i dontt want to mess up my rims and walk another mile or so until i get home and realize i left my phone at the mini ramp and i didnt want to tell my mom and she would kick my ass so i walked my bike back up the hill and got my phone and walked back down the hill to my house!!

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street lifE!!! whats the song name tho?

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