About Me

California via the Midwest.
The world is yours and everything in it. It's out there. Get on your grind and get it.

What is your favorite type of riding and why? Bike riding, DUH!!!!!

What’s your favorite spot and why? Rampage skatepark

What trick that haunts you? tailwhip to disaster and toothpick stalls

What is your dream spot? Ladera skatepark

Who are your favorite riders? Joe Rich and Chris Doyle

What’s your favorite BMX video? The next one Navasio is going to put out

When I’m not riding, I like to: cook fish and shoot photos

Bands I’m into: the knife

Girls think I am: selfish

My parents think BMX is: for kids

What is something you would change about BMX? more free flowing marketing budgets

Do you shoot photos or video? If yes, why? humans love to look at themselves

What makes you learn new tricks? trends

What keeps you doing your old tricks? lack of new tricks

Favorite saying: To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe