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Colony made the Castaway in 22"tt which I have. I'm only 5'10" and it feels great. I also ride a ton of mtb so the long ass bike helps with the switching back and forth. S&M makes the ATF in a 22"tt like you said, but I don't know of any others off ... more »

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pnj...yep. Stage 4 Colon Cancer. I did 6 months of hyper-aggressive chemo, had surgery to remove the tumor, etc... I'm now cancer free and just getting ready to start riding seriously again.

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Before I caught the ass

New thread Colony Castaway 10/6/2015 12:10 PM

Here's my whip... love that long front end. I mainly ride dirt. Frame - Colony Castaway 22″tt Fork - Odyssey R25 Handlebars - Odyssey Highway 9″x29" Stem - Sunday Freeze Headset - Shadow Conspiracy Cranks - Shadow Conspiracy Noctis Pedals - VP Harrier

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Hey fucktards... stop spelling BRAKES wrong. It's not BREAKS, it's BRAKES. And stop putting lol in every fucking post. Dumbass 12 year old, no riding, trend following, tight pants wearing ass-clown. That is all.

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Didn't wanna post these in the old school forum because not that many people go in there... These pics are of me from the late 80's when I was a sponsored rider. Check out how high we had our seats! Things have come a looong way.

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