About Me

my name is john i live in arlington texas.. i love rideing and fixn up my bike, i ride wen i can.. i may not be the best rider in the world but i see my self as an akay rider.. so yea.. my favorite tricks are 180's, feeblegrinds and allyoops..

if u wanna know more about me feel free to ask

frame: fit dak, 21'' toptube, black
Forks: odyssey race, black
headset: impact, intergrated
Stem: silver animal
Bars/bar ends: fit sky high barrs, black, barends deemolition, black
grips: demolition missels, black
Cranks: demolition medials 2.0, 175 mm, green
Sprocket: eastern madusa lite forged, 25T, purple
Pedals: odyssey twisted pc peddals, black, i love em:D
Chain: kmc k710-sl, 1/8, black
Seat: fit lobolt pivitol seat, black vinyl
Seat post: animal pivitol seat post, black
Clamp: noone, havent for like a year since frame come with them intergrated now days:D
Front wheel/ Tire: demolition bulima, 36h, black chrome, 2.25 fit faf tire
Rear wheel/ Tire: demolition anorexia, 36h,black chrome, odyssey mike aitken k-lyte tire, 1.95
Pegs: eastern.. im not sure
Special Modifications:
rider bio
Name and age: john, 19
location: arlington texas
years riding: idk.. 4?.. im just an ok rider.. nuthing moore
preferred riding: street
people you ride with: budds if able too
spots: watever we kan find.. nuthin much
favorite spot: gunn junior high
favorite person to ride with and why: billy, almost equial to me.. well trick wise
favorite bike vid:
words of wisdom: ramdom shit happens


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