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yeah bro umm as for my face beeing all cut up in those pics theres this 12 ft drop into a 8 ft bank and then into an ally (its a water treatment building) in pittsburg kansas which frontenacs basically a suburb but both are small towns and i tried to whip it landed so smooth and then i treid whip 180 couldnt backpedal fast enough and then did whip 360 landed into a slide on my face with no helmet and i got to ride into an ambulance i also got a concusion so as of 3 weeks ago ive had 15 and im only 14 so im close to being even but i wear a helmet full time since that wreck

04wildman left a comment 5/30/2008 10:49 AM

nice! Where is the BIG power slide fakie? Oh well maybe on the next video. Good stuff man. L8

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dude don't waste your money on a freecoaster... lol

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Whoaaa dude..

what the hell happed to your face??

thats insane!

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Every rider on fit is absolutley amazing... They have by far the best team in Bmx.. Im not saying they have the best parts, but deff the best riders...

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i wish. lol

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drop your shoulder

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idk but i would deff suggest buying fly ruben {folding} they are the best tire that i have ever owned.

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you can get really creative with freecoasters if you have the skill but i personaly dont have it on a freecoaster... lol plus its kinda like cheating... but yeah i would suggest trying one out... good luck mann

bmx_mel left a comment 5/28/2008 2:44 PM

im fine.

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heyyyy. :]

how are you???

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nice photo

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langham14 left a comment 5/25/2008 11:56 AM

nice riding.
like the freecoaster stuff (Y)
and cheers for the add