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I've just had front load stems for close to 15 years now so idk how tens and a topload would feel and I don't know anyone locally that has eleven in bars so I didn't know they flex alot. And what kinda surprised me although a little off topic I got my ... more »

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I'm 6'7 I ride 21.5 tt s and m tall boy frame with a and m perfect tens bars cut down to 27.5 on a shredneck stem Ive been thinking about going up to the 11 in rise bars. I know a lot of people look at 10 inch and up bars as to tall or a trend type thing ... more »

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learn to kick the frame and put your balance foot right on the ground then get used to catching cranks/pedals and do it a lot. then once you got that start picking your foot off the ground earlier and earlier until you never have to put it on the ground. ... more »

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So i have the eclat teck cassette hub and i just found out that they don't make the hub guard for it anymore cause they don't make that hub. And so im curious if there is any other hub guard that would work with it.

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is there any non flatland forks that have both 144 mm dropouts and front brake mounts. for park and street riding? I looked at the f25 odyssey forks on danscomp and those said on 3/8's

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I learned these on a flyout (6 foot quarter) that seemed to help and a hip also its a simple trick in terms of once you figure out the motion, but if you don't get the kickout and bar rotation all in one smooth rotation you will have trouble.

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im not saying this guy did it cause I have no idea( like the rest of you I would like to see a clip) but you guys have to think there used to not ever be a triple backflip or double front flip or even a 1080 done on bmx and riders took the time and the ... more »

Added a comment about video Dan Foley #SummerSelfie 9/4/2013 9:23 PM

i wish i could film self clips this good, what is his secret

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Added a comment about video "Hanging Foul" at Red Bull Dirt Conquers 8/6/2013 1:32 AM

the shovel handlebar trophies are the best bmx comp trophies ever.

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well when i get the money i want to build an animal javelin hub to the animal rs rim are those good cause i dont know anybody that rides them.

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I have never cracked a rim before till now and it was a odyssey quadrant rim is that normal cause i just got it trued a month ago and there was no cracks.

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look for all of those on places like ebay i bought a mosh digital stem and primo handlebars for about a total of $25 and they were both brand new never used and i got a kink bb for 15$ but i didnt ever end up using it lol

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when trying to avoid slamming it on ledges dont try to hop super high above it and then fall on the ledge hop just a little bit above it. ( idk if thats what your doing or not) everybody says you dont need wax just go faster i say use both. and for the ... more »

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im guessing your talking about a ledge so for me i try to land pretty much both pegs at the same time try to keep your weight a little back so that your front is sticking as much even for nice smooth ledges i usually wax them and my pegs every so often ... more »

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i think we found the king of 180 whips

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you guys covered most of it i hate the little ass kids the come in and just ride in circles or sit on something such as a ledge or quarterpipe like its a seat. i also hate when kids act like they are badass cause they brake glass bottles at the skatepark ... more »

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i got 360 flyouts dialed but i cant spin fast enough for 540's

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i know about the skateparks in harbor springs and marquette but is there anything else preferably closer to the u.p. side of the mackinac bridge

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is there a serial number on it if so like the other dude said get in touch with animal and see if it was just a wrong label, plus i would send the pics showing that tag to the ebay guy saying this is what you sent

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does anybody know if there will be another contest at dowagiac mi skatepark this year? I've been looking online and have only found stuff for the old contests.

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