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Single man riding crew and camera crew I like it!!! The Bunny hop looked sick over the ballish thing

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Fit Mac

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Odyssey Lincoln and s&m challenger

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perfect 10s

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the reason the primo remix and the cult match are so similar! is because the internals are the same.

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alright so get the rant because it has sealed bearings. the united pedals are good but I like the odyssey twisted pc pedals. don't get the seat post clamp if the one you have is fine and if the bolt is worn just by a new one. any padded seats are good ... more »

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Lol ik

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I'm getting both just what combo

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Odyssey twisted pedals Odyssey 7a-k rim G sport ratchet G sport birdcage rim S&m perfect 10s Profile imperial sprocket Kenda kidblock tires Shadow sulus seat post combo Odi super soft grips Profile elite hub S&m stem

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Alright thanks so much I like that setup and I love the bed front street

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What's Albes? I use dans comp And I will see if they are the same prices if I use the 15% of dans code

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Tell him to go scam somebody else with his frame! The sound wave is the one of the lightest and best frames out their

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For front 100-130 and the cassette 170-200$

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I am also new to bmx and I have bought a complete kink curb from dans comp which is a 220$ and now I have 500 into it and it is almost fully custom !!!!! Eventually you will have a custom bike when you start from a complete