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Ride in Peace Brother, GOD comfort his Family and Friends.

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What do you expect? You want help? Paint it.

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Not posers! What makes you want to do things on the bike that makes other athletes say, that MFer is crazy?

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If your funds are tight and as you stated your a beginner rider. I think a Hi-Ten frame would be fine. You can get a nicely equipped complete, and while progressing your riding save up for an aftermarket frame to put all your parts on.

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I think their shoes are terrible for riding anyway,terrible soles. They are OK for just kicking around. What did you think you would accomplish by burning a pair of shoes?

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This little spot is behind the Dairy Queen near 21 and Van Dyke. Also the Kroger is at 23 and Van Dyke. I never knew that was back there, I only live about 2 miles north my boy and I are gonna check it out.

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You have a few great options for street. Head North about 30 min. downtown Detroit, or head south a bit Toledo. I have seen a few other guy's on here from Monroe area.

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The park your referring to is actually in Royal Oak. It is Modern Skatepark near the junction of I-696 and I-75. Bikes are only allowed during certain hours so check first before you go. The place is really nice. There is also Vert Village just a bit ... more »

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Not sure whats more stupid. The Dude who traded with you, or you asking the Question. I say yes it is worht it. Is the Bike Stolen?

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This is my Son's Sunday.

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Dee Hos? Is that short for Dick House?

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I think it's funny all the haters come out and try to dog a proven Pro.Till you can put up you might try shutting up. As far as the cheap bikes go. Where do you think the parents and kids take them when they break? Walmart? No the local bike shop. I ... more »

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Where did you get the New Frame from? This problem started as soon as you built the bike? If your gonna go through the trouble and expense of buying a new frame, save your money. Go to a Bike Shop, or ship it if it's too far, have the problem assessed, ... more »

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Is there a BMX game for the X-Box 360? My sons have Skate 3 and it is really a fun game. Does anyone know of a BMX game for the 360? Is there one coming out in the near future? I tried a Mirra x-box game but it was not 360 compatible. I think EA and ... more »

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My point was directed for one reason mainly. When I opened this thread, that is the first thing I seen. Profanity with no warning or clear stand taken in OP So my initial response mainly goes out to the closed minded people who ruined a ramp with that ... more »

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I cant believe these stupid threads. Skaters BMXers Scooters. Whats the Fucking Difference? It's like Racism you keep bringing the shit up it will Fucking Stay up.

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I would'nt ake the chance of my dropout snapping off. If your only doing small drops and rolling you may just make it.

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Not real easy if your seat is too low. With proper seat height it is real easy.

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Judging by your Avatar you come across as Ignorant. Then your typing erases all doubt! Leave the Kids alone, maybe they should have a specific time for the Kids we were all there once.

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Modern in Royal Oak Mi. is alive and well, was just there over New Years Break.