About Me

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i am an old fart in greensboro, nc. i live in an apartment with my wife, erin, and our 3 cats. i am a professional web designer and do photography on the side. i am proudly vegan for a year and a half now and my wife is also. we care about our earth and creatures that we share it with. some of you probably have slept on one of our couches. i enjoy riding street and parks, especially good concrete ones. i am always working on my websites www.carolinabmx.com and www.justinholt.com as well as sites under my company www.aquamediadesign.com. i also am the sole person behind Sent BMX Zine, which is not dead but hasn;t had a new issue in over a year (yikes!). my bike is mostly hand-me-down parts i have been lucky to score. i also enjoy gardening. i like living in greensboro and north carolina. we plan on buying a house here one day. our scene is coming up all the time! spots from here are always showing up in magazines and videos. come ride! GO VEGAN!