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I've admired Jeff K. for years, followed his bmx career ferociously! Also, love the scene in Milwaukee/4 seasons. Some friends and I had an abandoned warehouse we spent most of our youth building and riding in,(due to cold seasons) and it changed our lives forever. With the time Jeff has rode bmx w/ good friends like Mike Hinkens, only they would probably know his first profile hubs color.I say polished, because back in the day, colors were very limited.Thank Jeff and Profile for this new very interesting twist on Purple and keep an eye on this guy!!!

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1. Allan Cooke
2. Daniel Dhers
3. Tim "Fuzzy" Hall
4. Mike Spinner
5. Stephen Murray

I am 33 yrs. old and as of now, have been told, "I should never ride bmx again"! I have broken, twisted, sprained, and recovered from every injury I have sustained. From old fashioned icing injury, rehabilitation, and surgery from a torn ACL! To fund my $50,000 ACL surgery(CADAVER'S TENDON) I had to go through a lot of searching and finally was helped by DHS Illinois Dept. of Human Services(Division of Rehabilitation). With no insurance at my job, this was a life changing injury, due to the down time and the seriousness of the injury! I believe THE ATHLETE RECOVERY FUND is the best thing that could happen for athlete's injuries. Until you have sustained an injury or been close w/ a friend (ROLE MODEL) who has, you will never know the helplessness you feel. THANK YOU ARF,!!! John Williams Vital Profile(jwwdubb)

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