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I liked 4 and 5. Simple, design based, nice. *shrug*

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Amazing!! All I can say is: Keep them coming!!!

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Anton, that is one sick video. That thing has me more stoked than any video yet. And it's all the more worthy because you ride in Iceland. Mad props. Hope to see more. Cheers.

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yes, but an administrator or moderator should be able to at least delete their posts. This forum is not exactly run very well, mostly (I'm guessing) due to lack of someone being in charge of it.

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ConspiracyBMX518 wrote: pull the wheel towards the back and tighten it all down nicely your forks arent being held in the right position when you tighten it I tried that out and that fixed it. I knew it wasn't a bearing issue, so thanks for the tip!

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Hey hey! Haven't talked to you inawhile. How's your summer been? gotten lots of riding in?

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hmm ok... so maybe just a positioning issue. I'll try resetting it, hopefully that'll so the trick. Thanks!

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I don't know if anyone has had this problem, but I got a new fork about a month ago, last night got a new stem. After installing the stem, my fork rattles. Everything is tight, and looks like it's all right. The fork moves slightly front to back. But ... more »

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Why aren't you guys deleting all the spam posts on the boards? You do have moderators don't you...?

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I fully agree, I mean it's a neat idea, but isn't going to save weight.

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I think we notice it alot in \"sports\" like bmx and skateboarding, but it happens with any sport or trend. The younger ones are more impressionable, and thus are the target audience for companies. You will always have corporate companies leeching into ... more »

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Just buy the Macneil pivotal post. The animal posty is the same thing, just with the wedge clamp. All pivotal based seats & posts work together. They were all based on Macneil's design

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I would think the Animal combo would have been satifactory. I was thinking of getting a ASM for the rear, I currently run Kenda Kontact and KRad and I find I'm slipping at the parks. Great for street, but you need that back tire to have more contact. ... more »

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WHat you have to say is more than valid. But I also think you have to look at the age range of those in BMX and that makes a big difference. Look at what skateboarding has become, it's only \"fair\" that BMX follows suit. I didn't get into riding stret ... more »

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take your brake pads and sand them to take off the outer waxy surface, make sure your rims are good and clean. Play with the cable tension, get it to where you like it. Make sure the cable is the right length, and not binding.

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3PieceWillie wrote: karsk wrote: if your rim isn't machine, machine it The fuck does a machined rim mean? Like as in your rim is true? machined, as in roughed up. If you machine your rim (if it's not a chrome rim) it will give a rougher surface, which ... more »

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make the biek your own, do what ^ said, or go and buy some Haro stickers and slap them on.