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New thread CRAZY MAAZY! 12/20/2009 5:44 PM

I found your edit!

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New thread Just trying something.. 12/18/2009 5:06 AM

Click on the pic and view in full size. I took all of these with my point and shoot. About a month ago... Tinypic is way better then photobucket for sure... [LINK TO IMAGE][LINK TO IMAGE][LINK TO IMAGE]

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New thread About a month old... 12/17/2009 3:37 AM

Pix were takin with a D40 I have a huge light set out there with me at night. 2lights were on;(if you trun on anymore, it will blind you) idk what lense he was using but I do know it was a 50mm. He did have continuous on with auto shtr speed. I think ... more »

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New thread Oh shit!! 12/17/2009 12:04 AM

Viemo isnt blocked at work anymore!! So now I can watch everyone's edits at work, unless you put them on Youtube. That's still blocked... LAME!!

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New thread FLY BIKES 12/15/2009 4:45 AM

I know that they have had it in the works for awhile now. But, when they do... Dose anyone know how much there complete bikes will be? & their cassette hub? Anybody got the spec.'s? I know it will be made out of 7075, but what bout how many pawls ... more »

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New thread Got this in an email today! 12/12/2009 2:34 PM

Hey guys, I am a producer of the show "Freestyle Iraq". It's a new 30 minute TV show where we highlight what Soldiers are doing with their off-time over here in a combat zone. it airs on the pentagon channel 5 days a week to an audience all over the ... more »

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New thread matt21797 12/8/2009 2:06 PM

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New thread BMX 12/6/2009 7:59 PM

I had to do a 500-700 word essay for english class. Tell me what you think... My name is Gary and all my life I’ve been riding bikes. When I was a young kid I always imagined myself atop my bicycle above a long, windy, tall hill; crouched from the start, ... more »

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New thread check this edit... 12/1/2009 10:37 AM

My little brother is from 0:58 to the end...

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New thread Matt Ressler! 11/23/2009 1:31 AM

So I saw you posted under a christmas thread "Didn't ask for anything. I don't really care." Now I did post what I would like for the new year under one. (But the stuff I posted that I would like, I'm buying myself.) But after reading so many of them, ... more »

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New thread Ramp Question...?? 11/21/2009 8:11 AM

I'm sure some of you are like, "is this guy really asking about ramps?" Well kinda.. See the thing is. This past week, the seasons have changed over here in Iraq. It is no longer HOT all day and all night. Now it is nice a cool, with highs in the mid ... more »

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New thread That's it! 11/17/2009 9:42 AM

I have about had it! I know there have been some rants lately from a couple of us. But I'm starting to narrow it down to who is who. I know I just had a small one "FYI" not to long ago. Eitherway I think there needs to be some type of rule put in the ... more »

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New thread This one is for Liam163 11/16/2009 9:53 AM

Who can, and how do you do... disaster to footjam? been trying for about 6months now... with brakes and without...

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New thread Wanna Jam? 11/15/2009 11:12 AM

Well I just got off the phone with the manager of Sk8 Cary in Cary N.C. "Billy Dexter" He is going to go talk to the town and see what it will take for me to be able to rent out the sk8park for a day. BMX ONLY, on the 28th of Feb. 2010. After talking

... more »

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New thread FYI 11/11/2009 1:56 PM

For thoes of you who already know me, already have a good idea about me, or know when I am joking... Well this doenst really matter. But for the ones who may want to jump my case and say I'm talking shit. And/or get there panties all in a waud b/c I ... more »

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New thread got it b4 you!! 11/5/2009 4:48 AM

More BMX>>

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New thread New arguement!! 11/2/2009 11:25 PM

Im sure this has been done once before, but I havent seen in it a wail. And since everyone wants to argue over "riders with the worst style?" how about... Who is the best rider out there?? Not your favorite!! The best!! I don't really care why you think ... more »

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New thread BMX raceing?? 11/2/2009 11:18 PM

Anyone here race?? I was thinking bout racing when I get back home and get out. I have a really good idea for all the parts I want, just looking for a frame right now. Does anyone know of any good sights other then Dans that sale race frames?

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New thread I dont get this.. 11/2/2009 12:54 AM

What does >>"this"

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New thread bottom bracket height 10/30/2009 4:12 AM

So I have noticed that Fly frames have a high BB. They are also very well known for frames that are easy to spin. ( I'm also taking in account of the short chainstays they have ) But, the bottom bracket height also has a lot to do with your center of ... more »

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