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New thread skater123 10/28/2009 12:23 PM

dont any buddy pay attention to that guy. Do not post to his post. When you do, he is takin your time. and time is somthing you can never get or ever give, back...

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New thread Knee Pads. 10/28/2009 4:35 AM

*If you dont wear knee pads or think they are dumb. Then I didnt post this for you!* Well as of right now I am rockin the Federal ACL knee gaskets. But, lately I have been havin some funny feelings with my ACL. I went to sick call this morring (saw a ... more »

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New thread Got tat shitzzz nigger!! 10/26/2009 1:21 PM

Now this is my before the 31st bike check!! b/c they are callin a lot of rain on the 31st, still dont know what i am going to do, so thought i would at least drop this now. I hope this just makes my point that you should just ride and stop worriing bout ... more »

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New thread BMX color WEB sight QUESTION 10/26/2009 12:57 AM

Im trying to make my frame orange on this sight... The thing is I cant seem to figure out the mix with the 3 colors they give you... The orange I am going for is what some would call competition orange. The car Gen. Lee comes ... more »

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New thread When you where a kid?? 10/24/2009 3:08 AM

b4 you started to learn tricks and actually care about having a dialed bike. Did you ever, some how put cards on your bike to flick the spokes? Or run over a cann too give it that moto sound?? I'm trying to figure something out that I could do on the ... more »

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New thread Wondering about bar spins?? 10/21/2009 5:11 AM

2nights ago, I strarted to try and learn how to do bar spins at 8pm.. By the end of the night, I could do them only one way. Just kinda pulling my front tire up enough to get the wheel around and catch the bars b4 my wheel touches the ground. I must ... more »

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New thread Soldiers/Marines... 8/10/2009 6:47 AM

Whatever it is that you do... I desided it would be a good idea to post this post/blog/whatever you wanna call it. Under Southeast Forum, mainly because there are a lot of us that read under it. Anyways, I have posted this a couple of times and as well ... more »

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New thread Why are ppl so fake? 7/2/2009 5:25 AM

So... since i have built this mini here in iraq. I have meet a couple of other riders. Or so they may say that they ride. One person since I have had this running has come by with there bike and rode, a bit. I think him and I rode a total of 3 nights ... more »

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New thread THIS SAT. RIDE MY NEW HALFPIPE!!!! 4/3/2009 12:59 AM

If you anywere close to Camp Liberty Iraq. I don't care if you have your ride here or not! You can ride mine! Come behind PAD 2, next to the old broken down Ali Shop, this Saturday! My 6ft tall, 12ft. wide halfpipe will be done! My company is haveing ... more »

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New thread Trivia question 3/18/2009 3:11 AM

So, I am in Iraq right now and I keep finding nice bikes. So far I have found a complete colony endeavor bmx09' and I got that for 65$. And it is is great shape. The civilians have no idea what they are rideing. The only thing I have to change is seat. ... more »

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New thread Comments & Message 3/13/2009 2:28 AM

So how come i post a comment and i dont see it on there page? but when I click on view all comments. it shows upp? how do i know if they got it? AND... If someone sends me a message. How do i know i got it? i dont see anything saying check mail? Plus, ... more »

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New thread PVC question... kinda stupid... 3/4/2009 4:41 PM

so im in iraq... and im buildin a 6ft. halfpipe... i have inch in a half PVC pipe right now for the copeing... but the steel pipe wont come for another 3 weeks... i need to put the copeing upp so i can start laying down the plywood... how long do you ... more »

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New thread ride iraq... 2/22/2009 5:16 PM

im in iraq... i had posted a topic sayin mostly the same thing awail ago... but now i cant find it... Lol... so im postin another... Newaz,, my bike is on the way and should be here by the end of the month... ive been diggin a lot... if your on victory ... more »

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New thread camp victory iraq ... 2/18/2009 11:47 AM

if ur there... and you wanna help me build... and you wanna ride... hit me upp... i wanna get sum trails goin... 9st austin style... ive been here 2 weeks now... get my bike next week sum time... so far i have only seen one "real" 20inch... it was a ... more »

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