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who is the hottest chick you ever fucked?

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yeah whatever... I got a mac book pro. I cant stop coming. been 2days now....

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Yeah bro, I tend to party a bit to hard... LOL...

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this & Chrome is the best braking surface.

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chances of chiping it are slim to none. I dont know anyone who has done that shit. Andy you FAIL. Answer is no. I have always had a chrome back rim. ALWAYS.

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save your money, get a 7ka. Will last you forever & you will only have to true it once a year. Almost promise you...

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when I meet him in Iraq, he told me that he has done up to 45inchs or so doing a 180. when he hurt his wrist over this past summer, he bonked his back wheel on a bar that was a foot over bar. idk what that is in your measurement, but I hope that helps.. ... more »

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all pink

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why not just check the ody sight.

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"glub bmx" it is...

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where is that spot at when the black kid does the tail tapp!?!? very good btw, you deff have the best style. & I will tell you why. You have your basics down very good. your not trying bangers. Your staying your lane, and moving with good time. Keep ... more »

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that & change your profile pic while your at it. Are you a sales man? LOL

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Its a displacement in weight and blance; when you really think about it. What he is doing is close to what you do in drifting. Drifting is were you back tries are spinging faster then your front tires as you go around a corner, but no so much you spin ... more »

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Pretty much? They arent even payed by the deparment of definse(sp)

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why not 7ka?

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fail, but LOL

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I didnt get it. he said he had some, "some older eastern cranks"

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Im wearing PT shorts. Stop giving me boners!