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Something I would like to add to that. How many diff. ways can we ask everyone. "2010 best complete bike"

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you guys rox my sox!!

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BMX co. send me stuff all the time to support my riding...

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idk if im even going to do it now, cuz there is a 60% chance its going to rain. plus, i want to paint my frame black. so idk, i dont want to waste a lot of stickers on one day of nothen if it rains. but, if it doenst rain. Im still riding and filming... ... more »

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that sounds like the best idea.

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I'm in iraq and it would take forever for that to get here.

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rule of thumb. to keep away from vert, use 8ft. of string when drawling your tranny. for every foot above 5ft. add 3inch. to your string. I have noticed that with vert, its easyer to get really high air. its just that a lot of tricks your going to be ... more »

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Get a new nitrous double shot rear wheel by eastern. its like 100 or less on danscomp.

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You got my vote on "Just Ride" BTW, good idea on buying a car in cash!! I have had the hole car payment thing && it sux. I will never have a car payment again!! I had rather spend money on my bike. haha

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I have been riding eastern stuff for a long time now. & i have never borke anything. Since I have been in the desert, my little brother has been building me a new bike. 95% is eastern. Of course its all there aftermarket parts but, I didnt want that ... more »

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600 or more?? the BOSS is only 650...

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try it on a back flip. haha, just kid. I did it on flat. but i just started. when i keep doing it in a bunny hop and flying out of a small kicker. sooner or later, it will feel like 2nd nature. then I'll move up to somthing bigger. Like truck drive down ... more »

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forks - Eastern Hawkeye - 6 colors stem - What ever you like bars - Eastern Wonder Years - 5 diff. sizes/6 colors grips - What ever you like IDK how much all of that is, I just know it's under $300$ If you go on eastern's sight, and click on 2010 catalog. ... more »

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That one is rad!! but, you cant have it brake-less, 2diff color rims, and/or have a diff. number of pegs and change there colors...

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I tryed, but the thing is.. I'm at work and to get on the internet, we work off of the army's network server. so this is what happen when i tryed.. tcp_error: A communication error occurred: "Connection refused" but thanx!!

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Watch this BMX

New thread BMX color WEB sight QUESTION 10/26/2009 12:57 AM

Im trying to make my frame orange on this sight... The thing is I cant seem to figure out the mix with the 3 colors they give you... The orange I am going for is what some would call competition orange. The car Gen. Lee comes ... more »

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change your drive, then get one on the back. It's well worth it. IDK how much they cost cuz i have never had to pay for it. my guess, 20-30 bucks in the states...

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That's dope!! Is that a 21.25TT? Supper steep HT on that thing... Colony fan eh?? Lol...