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Larger tire in the front also helps carveing around. You know, makeing fast lines... I would also like to add that the fatter tire you can fit in the back, the easyer it is to do rail rides. The new Eastern Journey can hold up to a 2.35. Some of my friends ... more »

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Yes im in the army. But, im in iraq and the bike i have is RHD, that would also be the same side as my gind side. It takes a long time for me to get parts and I dont want to mess up the only good sproket I have. Plus, riding my mini is way to much fun. ... more »

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Rails!! I learn more cuz its harder to ride. you really have to commit. (like pull tricks b4 your on, tricks wail your on, and pulling them getting off) plus it slides much better... Ledge is nice to learn on, cuz they are usally slower... But really ... more »

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The Boss Rear Hub: Eastern Original Bi-Rectional Classic Hub. Hollow 14MM Axle. Convertible Right or Left Hand Drive, 1 piece 9-Tooth Driver with 6 Pawl Engagement. 4 Sealed Bearings and Low-Profile Hub Shell Specially Designed to Accommodate the Eastern ... more »

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My little brother built his back rim; Profile Hub on an Odyssey 7ka, and I don't remember the spooks. But, he only had to true it once in 2 years. Plus the 7ka comes in a lot of dope colors. I know it cost a lot, but from what I have seen... It's well ... more »

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you want a good cheep frame? save your money for a small bit and get a new eastern tramp. i think its around 200$ Trust me, you cant go wrong.

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Do not get that bike. It's not what he says it is and I doubt that is an old eastern frame. cuz i dont ever remember eastern frames haveing seat post like that high. plus, you would have to buy another chain braker for that chain. it has mushroom pins. ... more »

Reply to Raliegh NC riders? 8/10/2009 6:35 AM

I was going to post the same thing! thanx!

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Where are you at in the sandbox? If your trying to ride, and your on Victory. Hit me up!! I don't leave until Jan. either...

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eastern curb monkey all the way around. you will never go wrong.

Reply to need your opinions for my bike *w/ pics* 7/25/2009 5:51 AM

if you into bar spins. keep the animal. otherwise, ride the rouge.

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im glad you got it...

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Then comes my 3rd group of annoying PpL...

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Tell them it is unsafe to ride. You need a new bike.

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If you came here. you would see why...

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For real? Nice!

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i knew noone would know...

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thanx... im goin to give it a shot...

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what about ice pick stalls...?? wont it break when i come slamin down...??