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Reply to what are a must on a street bike? 10/17/2009 4:15 AM

are you talking about making a custom bike? or are you looking for complete bikes?

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This thread is about... "I'mbored as shit, but who wants to talk bout BMX? Just thought I would put it out there?" (Now everyone is talking about forks.) Correct me if I am worng, just not on my spelling please... Lol... Anyways, I would go with the ... more »

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What are you looking for in a street bike anyways?? Do you like low or tall frames? If you don't know, I would go with the Eastern Boss. Out of all of these bikes, I have seen my friends break there frame expect a Kink. And they didnt get a new frame ... more »

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I'll tell you what the best stem is. Get a stem that feels good to you. I may be a huge Eastern freek. But, I don't useally ride an Eastern stem. I like top loader stems with a good reach on it. 55mm reach at that. Here in Iraq, I'm riding a DK front ... more »

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True that, the best way to learn tricks is to learn style. Ever watch Chase Hawk when he is just riding? Ive been to 9th street trails when he is just killin it. Most I saw him do was a 360table, or 360X-ups... Really, he just flows. Plus, if you go ... more »

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was it the Haro? with the eastern hub in the back? you used to have a front brake on it??

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what frame was that??

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Eastern Wonder Bars...

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yes you would get used to it, but do you think that a 74HT angle will help with your pump? or how about your hop? what if you get it and 6months down the road, your no better of a rider?? You are thinking about riding trails with this right? cuz if your ... more »

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Eastern BOSS!!

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Practice on your back in your room. (tailwips, trundowns, barspins, etc...) And/Or... Roll a blunt, smoke with your friends, take your entire bike apart, re-greese everything, put it back together, smoke another blunt and watch Props!! Then the next ... more »

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if you try to do it right foot foward, when we know your goofy. then i think that would be called a "switch-luc-e" ... or "backside-luc-e" if you start to get them dialed, that would be fucking dope. I once saw a guy who rides right foot foward. (who ... more »

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It can be hard on your sproket, cogs/drivers, and the chain it's self. If you have it tight as shit. There is no telling when one of them will just snap!

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Mickel Jackson! but only stuff like "beat it" "billie jean" or "smooth criminal"

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_______________________________________ |______________________________________| |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | - - - - - ... more »

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Seriously? smaller front tire? are you a weight weenie??

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I use a 5inch extention on my ratchet, put my foot on my pedal, one hand on the extention, and pull pack till its tight enough so there is "no" lag in it...

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so did you get something?

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the fly rim is really nice. my brother had that as a front rim for 2 years. only trued it twice. and he goes threw front rims a lot more then most kids i know...