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When my road trip is over, ill have a huge edit. There will be a lot of me in it. Plus, really sick locals... Of where ever I'm at. LOL...

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maybe something is up with the sight, cuz it said 1 view until I bumped it. and that was for 40min.

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I will. before the end of the summer... wanna ride FDR.

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Seriously... is no one going to look at this?

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Adam Banton from gary keane on Vimeo. This is just to give you an idea of the type of ppl I'm meeting up with. This park is the fucking best!

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naw man. i wouldnt forget you. i didnt get out of the army when I thought I was, and my road trip actually started a lot later then when I had planed. Long story short... When I finally started my trip, i had to start/go where I thought I would already ... more »

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Im going to the famous "City of Chandler bikes only park" Just thought I would let you know....

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this. Just got the same camera a couple of weeks ago. Not trying to take your spot light, but here's some example's of footie that I've got. - This one, my GF recorded, but I did the focusing for her. (just told her to point and shot) As you can see, ... more »

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Ha no shit, Catfish on Vital Q&A... So how many rock stars do you know?

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That's what BMX is all about...

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Thanx, and regardless of anything. I feel like a million bucks and I know I will get a lot more time to ride...

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A.K.A Showtime Indoor skate Park. Long story shot, this is the address posted on their sight... 5945 W. Wigwam Ave., #2 Las Vegas NV 89139 USA I google maps on how to get there from the YMCA. Get to the address, & there's no park. WTF? FML, didnt ... more »

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Who fixed that?

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b/c after I posted the 1st one, then went back to general bmx talk. It didnt show up. so I made a 2nd one. FML...

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I just made my 2000th post on JustRideBmx's tread. FTW!

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k= three zero's. LOL...

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I dont believe this...

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This! & I think its stupid. Pegs and pedals. Thats one thing, now a stem? Next thing you know, where going to have plastic bikes. wtf? We argue enough over brands & frames that brake. When your shit is plastic, I dont wanna hear it...

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now wut do u get...??