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thanks a apriciate that

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the raptor front hubs are great , the rear hubs are not that good at all a donth recoment then to eneyone

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some pics in better quality

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thanks dude

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the BTR was my first female rear hub. and I do not like female rear hubs, because I grind a lot and the female bolts always loosen up and then shifts my wheel . i found the rear guart in a box in the back of my garage , i find it better than my United ... more »

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some new stuff

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here is mine :D

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thanks dude

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back all black :D

sorry for the bad quality of the pic
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I do not know, but it makes me not really matter how much right, as my bike weighs is not too much I am happy :D

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supper strong and last a lifetime but pretty heavy

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thanks for comment dude :D

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thanks , that was only temporary, but i sold the Match hub to an friend. now the BTR hub is back on my bike.

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i just needed a softer one thats why i now got the shadow seat , and its great

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thx ,great frame i love it!!!

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ait nice ,waar woonde gij mischien ?

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update of my bike: Frame: Cult Butter 20,9" Fork: Cult Sect V2 Bars: Cult OS leader V2 Stem: Animal jumpoff remix Grips: Odi longneck XL Bar ends: Animal Headset: Animal Seat: Shadow mid Seat post: Animal Bottom bracket: Shadow mid 22mm Sprocket: Cult

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