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has no one ordered from staff

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ressler, would you take 10 million for use to better the bmx community in your area or $1,500 for yourself to keep and use. what is your favorite show on the tv what would you do if you were paralyised below the wasit and could not ride a traditional ... more »

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try using some oil and let it sit on it for a day or twoo.

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i dont have to work. and i smashed my sholder and scraped my face trying to get hang 5's... so its been a pretty good day.

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so about how long do they take to shio. ive never used anyone but danscomp and i get a ship confirm from them and normally have the packages in 3 days. idk if staff gives ship confirms but i havent gotten one yet and i ordered it on like friday at like ... more »

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i belive sundAY is there own distro. they had a link on there site for it.

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dude thats funny.. never had that casue anit nobody around here ride...(yes i know its not proper english) i wish i had someone better to ride with, i saw some kids riding i thought they might have rode bmx but nah they was just stupid. casue all they ... more »

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super nice pics. dude this week is going to be beautiful to photography in.

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lol nice riding... i feel like the camera man was trying to run or something...

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dude. i can double peg so well but smiths and feebles are sketchy for me from what im reading im learnign backwards. and OP i would go with the benchs till they are dial.

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if your wearing gloves i wouldnt run a.ross grips i liked mine but i dont like the sticky gummyness they get when they break-in. but they are mad soft.

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dude more speed, and lean back and your golden. on the subject of fatness... umm anyone ever seen worlds stongest man comp? they all look fat but they are picking up cars and throwing kegs like 15 ft in the air... and to who ever said there are plenty ... more »

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currently brakeless. i just ordered myself evos II

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WTF WAS WITH THAT SONG? lol video was good... my gf was just like wtf are you listen to britney spears for though lol

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tell me how the ody cable is cause im about to order some evo 2 brakes a diatech lever and im gonna get the ody linear cable but im running front brakes so i dont worry about kinks really

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you wanna go with linear if you going to be doing whips and bars. that was it does not kink the wiring you can run normal cable also its just wont work as well over time with bars and whips being throw at it.

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b.c rich is a good brand. i already got a bich though no need for a warlock too

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man i thats pretty sick i would do matte white with high gloss blue dots