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wtf are you getting with sticks? you mean hard core breathing issues or something?

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wait fuck your not in college yet... you cant even make choices like that yet... im working towards my BA and i dont even know where im going to live after college.

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cali is expensive also. i mean minimum wage is based on cost of living and cali min is 8.00 while ny min is 7.25 they are close but 75 cents is a good jump.

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i kinda agree with a point made in one of the articles. what does the classification mean for the employees at the record studio. pretty much means they went from working at a legitimate sounding record company to being part of a criminal enterprise. ... more »

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in my opinion. sell one bike and dial it back a little on the intensity. cause seeing an active father is a great thing for kids. i know i feel outcasted in my family because my dad isnt active but i do understand his job is labor intensive.

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id try looking here helpful shit

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how long have you lived in fla... you dont ride during the day. because of 2 oclock showers and its cooler at night... no rain.

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feel like i lost some IQ points in this thread...

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depending on how bad it is. ive seen people take a liked sized flat head screwdriver to remove striped allens just gotta hammer it in a little.

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sucks being on the injured list. like everyone's said keep up on the pt, never know might get lucky like me, when i went to PT the lady was confused at first. she did a flex test on my bad shoulder first and said it was in the normal range and didnt ... more »

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man i wouldn't say fuck women... girls yes but its about finding support. i mean my girl encourages me to go ride a lot of times also.

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depends on your skin. i worked in a boat manufacturing company and we used a chemical called MEK-D that makes paint stripper seem like cheap rum and acetone seem like water. my recommendation is kleen-strip. i found sanding the paint some before hand ... more »

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i really couldnt say, i run pretty sub par parts. i know id have to say forks, front brakes and maybe bars depending on how the stock bars feel.

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ive seen it about 15 times(not exaggerating ) it is so good. being a true comic batman fan a few parts that piss me off but 90% of the movie is mind blowing.

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idk ive been here a little while but i was on the broken list for a while and the injured list so thats where most of my post came from. i mean i live in fla the op knows how much summer sucks balls.

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is this a serious question?

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all you gotta decide would you rather your gf or this women a very simple choice.

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i was at 10 and not allowed to wear earrings lmao. plugs were the only option. im going up to a 4 once i get back to stretching.

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where could i get some cranks like that?