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nah i was at a 10g for like a year took them out cause everynow and then my plugs would itch, so i took em out and left in my gfs car. well her father decicded the next day would be an awesome day to surpised her and got her car detailed. needless to ... more »

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clean your bike? lube parts? idk i have a job so when i was injured being off my bike for a little while wasnt too hard. i took more photos.

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i have. fear nothing love always across my calves. damn reading this thread im going back to stretching. its just hard my job doesnt allow piercings on males so i have to have nude plugs for every size i go up.

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i agree. and i noticed. if your buddist (like me) you know those are budai statues also know as the "laughing Buddha" but a buddha none the less. im still in the search for a nice buddha statue. this is the "buddha"

but heres my desk... cleaned ... more »
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love the budai lamp. gonna get my beast of a desk loaded up in a min. @gouldbmx is that an azza tower or something else?

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i got tripped up a number of times because of hitting the next letter too soon. i got 35 wpm

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check your sprocket. i have an issue when my drive side reaches the 3 oclock my sprocket is a little further away then it makes my chain really tight and it pops against the side of my chain.

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i dont think would would see much of a difference. because of how small the threads are. i feel it would be way more time consuming then truing wheels every now and then.

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if i was in need of a frame id hit yah on $50 but im needing to conserve money right now so building a 2nd bike is not an option and it can be only so much longer till my front wheel gives out anyhow.

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imo the photos dont do it justice. the red photo is well done plenty of light contrasting colors etc. yet the tan photo is dull. i wanna say red based on the photos but i think tan in a comparable photo would look better...

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shouldnt be an issue as long as all your adjustments are done correctly.

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this has to be a hard question for me to answer. ive always been off and on with it. i think the first time when it became more then just messing around with the neighborhood kids (now its messing around by myself) was back when i still had a walmart ... more »

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style is all you. its the tricks you like to do. tricks you dont get bored of. some people like to go HAM and jump off 30 sets to flat and stuff. i myself like to run front breaks and tend to favor more tech style tricks.

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i havent done anything over the summer.i rode and did some double pegs but thats about all ive been able to do working 65 to 70 hours a week kinda stops all riding. recently quit the other job so hopefully can get more riding in.

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have you looked at dans? most non-folding tires are under $30. i personally run a elm street and a glh

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I run about 105 rear and 95 to 100 front just rolls forever. And I'm not a small dude gotten pinch flats around 50 psi

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im confused as to what the reason behind this thread is, do you want some answers? or are you informing us you have friends who ride bmx bikes? i mean how can someone favor one bike yet your telling us he should favor a different bike because it has ... more »

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you could also look at getting some banners if you like danscomp has some. danscomp banners

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united. its shiny. really its all up to you

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that last kromestar track was real nice. gotta add that in to my riding tracks