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Do shorter cranks effect balance point or anything never had cranks that short

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I love 180mm I have a 10.5 shoe and a 13.6 cs with 4 pegs I have no issues I even ran 180s on a benny l 13 cs and my foot clipped a lil at first but I got used to it and just angled my foot It may be just in my head but I find 180s feel super stable ... more »

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They don't give a fuck I mean the porn hub, vibrator seat, I think the above ig post fits their persona pretty well. I don't necessarily agree with a company bullying, but it would be different if say fit or odyssey made this type of post because it ... more »

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looks really clean, big fan of the raw good job stripping it loving the welds ! did you have to cut tha steer tube to get the stem "slammed"

Reply to Shoes dilemmas 9/26/2013 3:04 PM

Vans for life I just get whichever are on sale The last pair I got (Atwood) with coupons were like 35 dollars at famous footwear

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I called Albes and the guy I spoke believes that the frame I bought was one of the leftover fbm ones.. I hope this is true however he said if there are any issues I can send it back and they will figure something Albes for the win!

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wow man thats insane i am very annoyed the whole reason i bout a bboy was because i thought it was made by fbm and i liked the geo also i have always had a fit frame and wanted to try something new. Even if i do not have any issue i still feel ripped ... more »

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well shit i ordered a badboy v2 from albes last week... it says on the website its still made by FBM i hope i didnt get a defective one. I had a benny and cracked a weld on the seatstay, so i figured i would try a totally new geo since i couldnt warranty ... more »

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How short is your chainstay? 160 is so short - less torque when pedaling. I have 13 inch cs 4 pegs and 180 cranks. I love the long cranks maybe it's all in my head but it's easier to balance mannies. Although I have rode 175 and 170s personally I'm digging ... more »

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Is federal the one that you can adjust slack without disassembly ?

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Just learned these this summer I was having the same problem if you can tuck a 180 that's key for the 3. Carve harder and increase speed pull up really hard while turning your head keeping your head turned the entire rotation is important. When you are ... more »

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That's what I'm thinking, either way id hate to be this guys neighbor.

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Maybe he's putting on for the camera..

Reply to : Little Devil is coming back 7/1/2013 8:14 PM

Best news I've heard all week my bud had a backpack in elementary school I was always jealous

Reply to FS: BTM complete build 6/11/2013 8:37 PM

if your still selling this in a month im all over buying the complete

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Woooooah I'm in love looks so clean man!!!! I want haha

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your gonna have the whole family reppin thats awesome man! and my buddy a few years ago had flat neon orange bars and forks it looked so nice ive been wanting to do that for a long time.. post pics asap haha

Reply to Glad to see you fuckers don't like my ride! 4/23/2013 9:42 PM

dialed af you always have og looking builds

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cant wait to see what it looks like, and your sons a lucky dude!