Added reply in a thread (; because race car.. 12/30/2013 10:41 AM building a cressida right now, i plan to do a 2j swap but its suuuper illegal in CA because of smog bs so im gonna go 7mgte. planning on getting some work seekers, dont know which ones yet. also completly redoing the interior. with suede. its ... more »

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okay, im sorry. but first of all. cody would not let you ride koala. second. there is no way you would ever hit those jumps..

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hmmm..people in my group of riders, probably chris bracamonte. and pros that i know and have met..hmmm probably broc raiford..our riding is super alike except for the fact that he has pegs and i dont

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lemme tell you from dealing with solid personally...they are amazing, amazing product, and amazing people so shut your dick

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dude. im so stoked you are building a volvo 240, i wanted to do that so bad, but i was given the cessida so i saw no point for the time being. i love volvos

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fml just click on my will see pics..

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mie byke. luv eet. custom solid. odyssey oil slick parts. solid as fuck. amazing.
Added reply in a thread anyone watched dans comp roll call? 12/13/2013 3:32 PM

its odd as fuck, not really any full sections and shit. it was cool, not like deadline or markit..a flair off a 5 stair is stevies ender tho

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Well, i have an 86' toyota cressida that im going to drop a 2jz with an r-154 5speed tranny. bride seats, grip royal neo-chrome steering wheel with a carbon fiber sparco quick release. all the interior is an ugly tan so im going to replace it with black ... more »

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yea, i know there has been alot of threads about cars, but they die quickly. so anyway. what car(s) do you have, whats your favorite, what are you building, what are you gonna build. shit like that GO!!

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i had one the other day, never again..they say redbull, but they dont say what size. its like the huge asss 16 3 16oz of redbull. my body was vibrating and i saw things as differant colors. it was horrible and sucked

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DUDE ARE YOU KIDING!!! i weed all day, i even drive with stones so shutup fanboi

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you are a faggot cunt fanboy, go back to russia you commie

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@neck_brace and my media company is @jiraffe_media

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living in LA i used to find shitloads of low key spots and shit, ride the for months, and then one day at soomeee looowwww key ass spot i see fucking dennis enarson and a few of the markit guys at a spot near my homies house, i forgoot what video it ... more »

Added reply in a thread bmx getting coverage at McDonalds haha 11/18/2013 4:38 PM

was the macdonalds on rosecrans?

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Added reply in a thread Vital's Game of Bike 2013 11/15/2013 3:12 PM

it was shit this year, it was at a place where people have 2 differant things and its not quite even because obv. the park riders had park and vise-versa, it felt like it was put together overnight. and the lack of a crowd was meh. its best to have it ... more »

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the only parts i really wanted to see in deadline were tys, garrets, and i forgot who else but in the markit video i wanted to see just about everyone so bad. imo the whole stoner scene thing is annoying, yea in one clips thats cool, but not 90% of the ... more »

Added a comment about video Colin Varanyak vs. Chris Courtenay 11/8/2013 1:06 PM

colin is a shithead. why the fuck would he start off doing tricks that he knows chris cant do because he dont ride pegs. thats like asking me to do a flair

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