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have fun, have jim over at odyssey shoot me parts here and there. ( he does already, but not often enough. ahahah) and a dope clothing/ shoe sponsor. im just dreaming. i dont like a lot of pressure, makes me feel like i would enjoy biking less

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its not gay really. i have oil slick hubs and stem already, so if i were to go free coaster i was SOL untill now

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its fuckin expensive. it was like a grand to do my friends front brake calipers on his car. so it would be like 400 plus the hub. fuck that

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same. im 6'3 and i had to tilt my head to int in my buddies FD. shit sucked. but then he basically welded the seat rails striaght to the floor with i forgot what seats but that shit gave like 4 inches of head room

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the cx's would look dope af on my car,(mx73 cressida). and fuck i want a miata so bad, not for drifting though. mostly for shredding the canyons.

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im getting the new work seeker cx's for shows and daily drivng, and probably some sort of steel wheel or something along those lines for sliding

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checkout my bikecheck

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the only thing i would change on my bike is my barends

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as of now its fit techs. they are amazing

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you can get my signature frame from solid! 13.2 cs, 75.5 ht, 21.1tt, 10"st. everyone who has ridden it loves it. everyone

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thats like mine, i run solid parts, as you can see in my check, but it weighs like 21. no idea how

Reply to Drifting / slammed cars. Along those lines. 2/4/2014 10:29 PM

aaacttuuuuaallllyyyyy..more camber in the back gives less grip, yes, alot of neg. in the from can giv better grip in large corners with lots of angle, but thats not the point. the point is we like what we like for reasons alot of people dont under stand. ... more »

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@coogi_dude. i am gucci manes younger cousin

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i got some forks and grips, 2 weeks later they called me saying they didnt have those grips and i had to choose new ones. 2 fucking weeks later!! and then i selected the grips, asked for 1 day shipping and paid for it at the time. and then 2 weeks later ... more »

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its a missile, dont get a coupe because they are already decently hard to find everywhere else. just get 13 hatch and call it a day

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blue stolen tires?

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actually, you are wrong. the 7mgte came in the mk3. it is a really good engine, if you get a 1.4mm metal head gasket. the factory fucked p on the tourqe specs when they made the 7m so they always blew hg's you can get a solid 450whp out of a 7m reliably ... more »