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it was shit this year, it was at a place where people have 2 differant things and its not quite even because obv. the park riders had park and vise-versa, it felt like it was put together overnight. and the lack of a crowd was meh. its best to have it ... more »

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the only parts i really wanted to see in deadline were tys, garrets, and i forgot who else but in the markit video i wanted to see just about everyone so bad. imo the whole stoner scene thing is annoying, yea in one clips thats cool, but not 90% of the ... more »

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i dont really mind cult. i hate when poeple say that they suck, they may have a bad image, but they make strong ass frames, forks, bars, and cranks..everyhting else is good. strong. the wifi isnt made in the us, but is a dialed frame..and for ... more »

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i live there like half of the week, the rest i spend in los angeles.

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man, i was supposed to go with chirs bracamonte but my funds are quite limited right now.

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hey..i said the bigger it is..not that is how big it is..shit..i wish i had a 10 inch dick..

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i live in thousdand oaks part time!

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basically the bigget the st the bigger your dick

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thats what you get for riding pegs on andrews frame!

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thanks..been planning for quite a while

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teehee..thanks dude!

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thanks! shit was so much fun!

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this is how i learn most of my tricks..hmm nac nac bar tuck railride bar crankflip air tobargan(toboggan bar) suicide to tuck double tuck no footer to tuck and vise versa trucks truck slo bar all these are tricks i never tried before hand, we just put ... more »

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not really..they are really good computers, obviously you can build a better one for cheaper..i am building a hackintosh with 32gb ram, 4tb of storage and a 250gb ssd drive for under 2000

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thanks dude! means alot. if you can can you share the page?really trying to make it work

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i totally agree. and i dont actually use those words other than fucking around. so yea..idk..ahaha

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i know this is not what you asked, but the mac laptops are alot better than otherlaptops just because they are built better. otherwise they arent that special. my friend has an alienware laptop with i belive 32gb ram and a 2tb of space. shit is a beast. ... more »