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xgames has been lame since back in the day. They change the sports Every year, bmx has survived, but barely. When it first started, you got to see the qualifying runs, and even the top 20 guys in the finals. I remember one year it.only showed Jamie bestwicks and Mirras runs on vert. The coverage and exposure is a joke now. No wonder sponsors drop riders like flies. If you're not in the top 5 you won't get on the air. I say bring back the Hoffman CFBs where any rider that can make it there and kick ass, gets in the finals regardless of who knows you. Thats a competition!

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I was there when he had long curly jewish hair lol and threw his first barspin over a box at allegany skate park ny. He hasn't got any taller but his skills sure have matured. Pumped for you Keith! GL

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