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Did I do it right? Ok I'll stop trolling now lol, I just miss vital is all
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Oops sorry that's my real car not s tuner, close enough
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Totally real, I sold my profiles since I already had good hubs.

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Lol like every typical drift kid, why would Chevy suck, they have such a high and cheap aftermarket. Majority if Lt, LS, and LQ blocks are similar. My friend had a 5.3 LT block with LS2 head pushing 350 to the wheels. iron block truck motor in his s13 ... more »

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MKIV Supra: 2jzGE & 2jzGTE MKIII Supra: USDM 7mGE & 7MGTE JDM: 1jzGTE and 7mGTE as well as a 1g-GTE bumping because i want to. leave me be.

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I don't think anyone would believe me that im friend's with the owner of this bmw, its my friend Kazuki out in japan, haha. just whoring my car out

and yes i do slide it on occasion. ... more »
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I am dying in my seat. Hahaha, Vital has not changed one bit.

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spokes are 10 bucks for a full set if i recall correctly itll all depend on your local bike shop. try there first.

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I also say its most likely the geometry of the bikes and it doesn't matter whether its a newer bike or an older bike, the geometry is a big part of riding. Hence why different bikes each have their pros and cons. I had a brand new 2009 Haro Intro Lite ... more »

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text 702 738 6829 for pictures, it will be or best offer. If anyone has a primo rim for sale in black ill buy that straight up, and i am also looking for a canon 5D Classic DSLR Body and i do have my canon 40D for sale as well. numbers on top so hmu. ... more »

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will you do $30 shipped for just the hub?

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interested in the seat what kind of post will it come with?

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white walls and chrome look awesome, and the red added makes me think of a 50's diner. looks sick, I just hope you're able to actually stay in it now, i have seen people drop so much on a back tryig to get into it but never really did and ended up wasting ... more »

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bike looks like its used as flatland? I had a haro intro lite low low, it was a nice bike but geometry wasnt for me.

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looks really nice and great riding.

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read the title, and was about to flip a bitch. looks good.

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Lorenzo's gaaayyyyy

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did you take in how much insurance is going to cost on some of the cars you asked for? I pay 65 for my Ls400 that i payed 2500 for. The 1uz has enough power to get it sideways ;D

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my old gay car, that hits lane reflectors, (front subframe hangs way lower than my bumper)

IMG_6640 by PJurisprudencia, on Flickr and my new gay car project Untitled by PJurisprudencia, on Flickr Lexus LS400 ... more »
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since I can't get an MKV VW i did the next best thing i could :/

threw alphards on my xb.