About Me

I started riding flatland in 1986. The first trick I learned was an endo back in 1984 on a Ross Pirahna. Endos are still kinda fun! I used to ride mini and parks but got re interested in FLATLAND about 8 years ago. I've been sticking to flatland and just enjoying progressing more than competing. I'm horrible in the air, so I'll stick to the ground! I have a FREE internet radio station called MR. TREATS BEATS on www.live365.com HIP HOP and Electronic BEATS for FREE! You can find a link for it in my blog, then you can just CLICK the link and check it out!!!! It's totally FREE! My hobbies are: Cats, Reptiles, and fish, video producing, editing, and shooting. I also collect urban vinyl toys, shoes, and bike parts. Sometimes I work on my bike more than I would like, and things seem to go in phases! Thanks for checking out my profile! Keep bustin and stop worrying about what everybody else is sayin and doin. FOLLOW YOUR OWN PATH - Style Is Strong! PEACE