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i hav a oddeasy aitken p lyte tire on the bak of my bike and i keep poping tires. the tubes im using r out of cheap wallmart bike where the tires only hold up to 65 psi at most and my tire is 100psi i can never fill it that muich b.c. it always gets ... more »

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just got the purple edwin grips. should i just put them on or boil them or whatever?

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im gettin new grips and need opions wat r ur favorite grips how llong they last shouldnt b a problem becasue i dont rlly wear grips fast so wat r the most comfotorable grips?

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i have the fight sky high n i hav had them for a whilee and wanna cut themm wat would be ur suggestions on how much to cut themm?

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kenda contacts r shit i hav to change it bak to my oddy aitken p lyte

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[LINK TO IMAGE] frame-fit str 1 cranks- stock fit pedals-wellgo seat-arcade handlebars-fit sky high stem-shadow attack bar ends-fit nylon front tire- oddessy aitken rear tire-kenda kontact front rim-alex rims supra e-pro sproket-fit dl

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i like the oddesy aitkens i have had them for about 8 months and they still hav a lot of tread

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i just got the shadow attack its cheap i think its 45 n its amazing hasnt slipped at all yet

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i am the same way i will ride but i cnt stop thinking about it then it feels like it gets worse whn it dosnt but thn after i fix it i am pumped 2 ride

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umm yeah i know just figured some people would enjoy watching is that alright with you??

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idk if this has been posted b 4 just thought it was cool

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no im good lol

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i just got them i like thhem alot but they are a little wide idk if i shld cut them a little or just get used to them does any 11 hav skyhighs and did u cut thm n did they feel wierd at first?

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one tip dont use wd 40 on ur bike n bearings. many people that dont know about bikes thinks tht wd 40 is great but after time it coroades everything

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do u think that 29in wide is a little to wide

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i just ordered the fit sky high handle bars shadoow attack stem (not the newer 1) and fit nylon bar ends. wat do u guys think of these parts?

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which ones do u think r better oddessy space bars or fit sky highs

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r the space bars any good

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there is a code to save 25$ on orders over 125$ but it isnt working does any 1 hav any other good ones

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