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is it a chrome frame? cause if it is they use a layer of copper to put the chrome on, could be the copper

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looks pretty sick. i love the flash cable in the corner, the pic looks sick! you have a pic of you coming off the ramp, or something before you actually leave the ramp, i think that might make it slightly better, but other than that it's dam good!

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not sure about on a mac, but i know that i just take all the pics and put em in photoshop. then carefully cut away the background so that it's just you and the bike. once this is done, paste it into the big pic. make sure you use all the same size pics ... more »

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i'm on the market for a new hub soon, any thoughts on the sputnic rewind? i dunno, it seems like it's legit, but does anyone ride it?

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they're like pants only they go to just above your ankles. i used to wear em, they're hella comfy, but i dunno, i can't find em anywhere anymore

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honestly, don't go for the lightest pegs possible... go for some decently thick pegs so that they don't just grind through in half a year... if you're gonna get parts, go quality, not weight

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grips/bars, place on the bike that gets felt up nice'n'good!

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i got my redline 7.1, then my oldschool kuwahara, my vintage 10-speed road bike, and a custom lowrider and an original raleigh chopper

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thread the bolt in part way, then put it to the top of the fork, then hammer it in... it's pretty easy, just make sure it goes in straight

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it would be fine on pegs because there's the chromo or steel or whatever metal under it. as coping, never know... might last one grind, might last for months... only one way to find out i guess

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favorite color would be red or gloss black
favorite rider is Adam Banton
favorite shop would be cap's southshore bicycles... SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHOPS!!!

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just take some next time you get a haircut and super glue it to your upper lip

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hell, i'm 6'2'' and i'm rollin on my 20.5 frame, love it how it is!

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not gonna lie, i kinda want it, looks pretty rad, and premium isn't that bad

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all you need is a couple shovels, some good friends, and a couple 6 packs and you're set for the day!

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metal and primo

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i'm not at school right now.... fucking snow day! sucks balls, i hate snow

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also would old crosscountry skis work?

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skateboard trucks.... would there be a way to grind them down to fit the dropout? they're alittle cheaper than frame/forks... i've got no access to a welder, any idea of how to get it to stay in the dropouts without welding?