Recently I decided to remove the paint from my 2018 Subrosa Tiro frame. I didn't want the usual raw look and I didn't want the super bright chrome look either. So I just hand sanded the entire thing all the way up to a 500 grit I believe. It took about way too long and I will NOT be repeating this process in the future. It's so cool but I don't think I can bring myself to do this again. I also didn't sand inside the dents because I figured it would look cool and it's eh. I'm not going to go back and sand in the dents but I think the paint that is left is a cool like "scar" or reminence of what it was. I have not built it back up yet, waiting on driver bearings, crank spacers and a few other snacks to tie it all together. What do you think of this color? It's like a shiny raw to me. Not polished but not bare metal raw either. I think it looks pretty dope. I'm the type of usual 16 year old kid to only ride black frames and this is a big change and I like it. 

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