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1. 10:40
2. hes peddling up to the ledge to rip a hop over smith to feeble to har 180 out
3. the best part about riding at night is having the streets more to yourself and your homies and just peddling from spot to spot with that nice summer air in your face and everything just feels so much better its honestly the best thing ever i cant explain it as well as i feel it..and by the way i really like how this video is there should be more videos like this it shows how it really is to just shredd

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just hittin up some spots

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i was there shit was sick

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a short edit of me riding morristown new jersey my home town nugga

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i love philly too i ride there alot its soo sick

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good riding shitty song

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its aight

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hey man whats up i love philly ha

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yeah its all about that dirrty jersey but newark looks sik i live like ten minits from there but ive never ridin it but im going to now

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i just shat myself...twice!

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that would be sick all i ride is street and it would be sick to see all the styles and new riders and it would just be sick all together to see how the limits of street riding get pushed cus we all know how they do in the x-games.

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do a 180 and instead of landing flat lean back and keep your body leaning to the way you turn and once you land on the back tire push on the pedeal to help you get around and just keep practicing untill you find where you feel comferatable doing it and ... more »

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morris county