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If you want to go with stock wheels I don't think you can go wrong with cinemas. The 333's on the cheaper side and for a little bit more the 777's look real good

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If your looking for a dsg I would go with the kink. I just got one and I gotta say it was the easiest dsg I've ever installed. With the open ended slot and the tab that sits in the dropout you don't even have to take the wheel off. Simply spread the ... more »

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Tech'd out WiFi
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I've been running the all black 2.4 T/A in the front and I think it's the best tire I ever had! Super fat and grippy as hell, even for a slick. You literally blast out of turns and quarters on them! And I just took it to a newly opened pump track in ... more »

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I know exactly what your talking about with the TT lengths. I went through the exact same thing. I started off on a 21" and i felt a little stretched out on it even at 6' tall. I went to a 20.75 and it feels perfect. I have both frames, Sunday Broadcaster ... more »

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When u go to the shopping cart there is a box for promo code..u just enter it in there and that's it

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Calendar code 45h1 is good for 15% off orders over $100 and 10% off under $100 All thru June..don't tell anyone else tho Lol

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I just ordered the wifi off dans on sale right now. I got the 21" in black at $209 plus 15% off, total was like $180..can't beat that for a tech street setup. I'm currently riding a sunday broadcaster with similar geo and I love it. Short back ends has ... more »

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I was running the same tire as you and did same thing putting it on the back, but I bought a new 2.4 Fit t/a tire for the front. I am really happy with it too. It's super fat filling in my entire forks (Sunday Octaves) and it's super quick with plenty ... more »

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I think you're right, they looked like stadium steps or something. One of the biggest sets I've seen! Pretty much set the table for the rest of that epic part

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Oh yeah don't let it stop you from getting one.. They're awesome! I don't think ill ever go back to cassette. Just like anything else that you just have to get used to it that's all.. It doesn't take long

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I don't care what anybody else says, I could watch Stevie 3,5,7 over or down anything over and over again! Spins both ways, whips both ways, grinds both sides..Stevie does whatever Stevie wants! Btw, how old is he again?? Really!

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I'm running the federal v3 and run into the same problems once in a while. I don't know when to expect it or why it happens but you know right away when it does..sometimes you react and back pedal to get out of it..and sometimes you eat it! I guess that ... more »

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Primo rebars...they're primo's nothing else to say