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New thread Shoes... 10/10/2011 4:23 AM

Hey guys, any one know where u can get size 15 skate shoes in Australia or shipped to aus? Thanks

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New thread BB help 8/31/2011 5:38 AM

hey guys just wondering if it makes that much of a diifererance weather you put the spacer in your BB or not as the one boughts to big. so etheir i dont put it in or ill try to grind it down a bit so it can fit

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New thread colony hub spares? 5/21/2011 3:03 AM

does any one know where you can get a colony stars hub replacement axle in australia

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New thread shoe help 5/20/2011 4:24 AM

hey guys does any one know where you can get good bmx shoe in a size 15 . thanks

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