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New thread CUSTOM FIT MAC $$SALE$$ 2/22/2017 9:39 AM

FIT Mac $500 OBO Fit Mac Frame 21" Animal Edwin Grips Demolition Big RIg bars Animal MR front load CaneCreek Headset Fit fork Odyssey Aitken 2.45 Front tire Odyssey Chase Hawk 2.3 Back tire ... more »

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New thread LOOKING FOR 21tt frame 4/27/2014 7:26 PM

I have about $100 looking for a frame that has a 21 tt and pretty good for street, not to picky just want one with removable mounts or completely break less hit me up. Up for most offers

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Reply to Low Frames? 2/26/2014 3:45 PM

same im kinda bigger build and getiing my big feet over the frame is kinda difficult

New thread Low Frames? 2/26/2014 3:24 PM

What are the ups and downs of low Top Tube frames like the total hangover and killabee or the premium guttershark? id think thew would be better for whips and like no footed tricks.

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Reply to HARO 000 frame for Sale 2/25/2014 4:41 PM

alright text my friend at 443-771-2811

Reply to Good tricks for a beginner park rider 2/16/2014 6:10 PM

thanks guys. the bmx comunity has everyone in a tunnel vision of tailwhips and bar spins so ive never really seen or heard of some of these tricks. it helps, now i can learn something my friends cant do hahahahah

Reply to Frames and Fork {FS,FT} 2/15/2014 12:52 PM

i guy offerd me a wifi for 110 if i could get this for less i will ise my parents pay pal to get it

Reply to HARO 000 frame for Sale 2/15/2014 12:23 PM

are you looking at just the bars or the framw too

Reply to HARO 000 frame for Sale 2/15/2014 9:54 AM

the bars are 28 wide and im pretty sure cash because i dont have a pay pal.

New thread Good tricks for a beginner park rider 2/14/2014 5:17 PM

i started the transition to park because to me its way more fun than street. i just wanted to know what are some good tricks to get to learn before i try to learn flips and shit. ive recently started to get bike control too. any advise?

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Reply to WTB frame and cranks, desprate. 2/14/2014 4:46 PM


Reply to WTB frame and cranks, desprate. 2/14/2014 4:38 PM

dude post a pic and ill get back to you

Reply to WTB frame and cranks, desprate. 2/14/2014 4:37 PM

alright how long will you have them and could you post a pic or something

New thread WTB frame and cranks, desprate. 2/14/2014 3:05 PM

need a frame 20.75 and bigger. no ridiculous offers im looking to pay around 85 to 115 for any useded aftermarket frame and zip to 85 for any used complete frame. must have gyro tab holes and removable break mounts, i do ride a gyro. any cranks that ... more »

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Reply to Custom colony for sale part out trades 2/14/2014 2:51 PM

have you sold the frame! dud how much you want for the frame! and does it come with break mounts or will i have to find some?

New thread HARO 000 frame for Sale 2/13/2014 8:59 AM

my friend doesn't have a vital so i put this up for him. its a 2012 000 that had a few scratches here and there. he said he'd like $90 to $115(kinda high but he said it not me) also if you want hes up for trades. of around the same quality nothing like ... more »

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Reply to Frames and Fork {FS,FT} 2/13/2014 8:52 AM

dude if you drop it to 75 ill most likely get it and im only 15. i dont have a credit car/debit card but i could mail you one of them visa card or straight up send you the cash.

Reply to Frames and Fork {FS,FT} 2/12/2014 8:45 PM

dude if you drop the price of the frame to like75 or 80 it will be a deal. i just got to get my girl something for valentines day and i could have that money in like no time. and if i do actually buy it if i sent you a visa gift card with the proper ... more »

New thread LOOKING FOR FRAME 2/12/2014 6:13 PM

im looking for a frame 20.75 or larger that is like 65-95 in price. im not picky but it needs mid bb, integrated headset and gyro tab holes. it doesn't matter if its aftermarket or off a complete bike but if its off a complete dont expect me to pay a ... more »

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Reply to Verde Bikes???? 8/29/2013 3:14 PM

what about the regent frame?