mitchybmx left a comment 11/23/2008 12:51 PM

english riders rule..
get back to me we go ride smile

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jakebmxxx left a comment 9/30/2008 10:04 AM

thank for the comment. and just take your hands off

Added a comment about photo smith 9/30/2008 3:40 AM

y the fuk u dissin every1, dont c u doin no better

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chiers for the add
u got the tuck no handers afta 6 months!!! they still scare the shit out of me lol
i agree with u aswell about the brakes, u feel like u have way more control over the bike. i only took mine off about 4 months ago, need to update my pictures

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mikeydove left a comment 7/9/2008 2:54 AM

i live in north devon barnstaple. look it up cheers. mikey

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m8 has just moved down 2 south devon. he is pretty sick at ridin. u live anywhere near south devon?

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Karla left a comment 7/4/2008 2:06 PM

Thanks very much Mikeysmile


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haha thanks 4 that. nice one. cheers mikey

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i av a ipod shuffle nd its great u clip it on 2 ur belt nd it wnt come off nd there is no way of breakin it i prefer 2 listen 2 chillin music wen im of my own lyk a bit of reggea but wen there is other peeps i lyk 2 listen 2 sumthing dat blocks all da ... more »

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dey shud call u crazy legs lol
nice foot throughs

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