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If you just want to pedal around with your kid, the 24 will probably be more comfortable. If you want to do some tricks and jumps, ride parks, or if you want a nostalgia trip, I would go for the 22. It will feel a lot like your 20" did back in the day. ... more »

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There's lots of options for larger bmx bikes these days, the 2 you mentioned are track-oriented bikes, probably with aluminum frames. There are also chromo-frame 24s that are better suited to park and street riding, and then there's the 22" bikes, which ... more »

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I would suggest taking a spin on one if you can. There's also the 22" option, United has a 22" complete for around 700. To answer your original question though, It really depends on you and where/how you want to ride. I would go for a freestyle bike ... more »

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I enjoy hearing stories of older guys getting back into bmx. I'm 43 and fairly recently got back into it myself. Makes me feel like a kid again. But I get discouraged sometimes at how bad I am, I wasn't very good even when I was younger, and with a 25 ... more »

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You don't need a stand for truing. I just take the tire off, put the wheel back on the bike and put a piece of tape across the chainstays or fork legs, about 1 mm away from the rim, then put marks on the tape with a pen for each side of the rim. Not ... more »

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It keeps the stem from pushing into the tire when you go to inflate it while the tube is empty

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KHS Duster...If you've heard of that one you've probably got some years on you. My first nice one was a Schwinn Predator. Bmx was very different back then, not many of the same companies still around. My brother had a Mongoose with those alloy mag wheels, ... more »

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Not trying to sway your decision but I have to echo what a couple of others said already...back in the day before there were skateparks and before street stuff became popular, bmx bikes were the go-to for jumping and riding in the dirt, that type of ... more »

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I think you would be fine on a bike with a chromoly frame and decent quality components, as long as you're not planning to catch big air or do anything extreme. I would avoid race oriented bikes and aluminum frames in general, just for peace of mind, ... more »

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Thanks for the heads up, it's awesome that they are offerring a mid priced 22" complete. They do look like a sweet deal for the $, the only complaint I would have is the 21.5 TT being the only size. I would guess they will offer more size options as ... more »

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43 y/o here and 6'4". I got back into bmx a little while back and started with a 24" SE loop tail retro bike. I love it for cruising but ended up getting a used 22" S&M ATF not long after. The 22" wheel bikes are awesome for bigger guys, if you can ... more »

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Rubbing alcohol

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I have an S&M ATF frame that is trans green. Where the finish is scratched or chipped, rust starts eating it's way under the surrounding finish in a kind of spider web pattern. I think a powder coat is better at preventing this, the trans finishes ... more »

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Not an ideal way to fix it, but if you have access to some power tools and have some skills/confidence in using them you could grind down the drive bolt somehow until it clears. A lathe would make it easy, but it could be done with a drill press and ... more »

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As long as you have standard size rims, any tire should fit. Correct on the bar sizes. A half link chain will work on regular sprockets/drivers, you can also just add a single half link to a regular chain to adjust the length instead of using a complete ... more »

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If it's something that you want to do for the fun and the experience, then do it, and to hell with what the other participants think. Just remember that you're doing it for yourself, not for them. If it's something you want to do for recognition and ... more »

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Parts warping during heat treat is actually very common, in my limited experience.

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I would enjoy meeting you in person. In the meantime, go fuck yourself.

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If that's your opinion then by all means, I encourage you to move to a 3rd world country, eat one meal a day, sleep next to an open sewer, and die early from an easily preventable disease. Or get beaten to death by an angry mob, because youre an asshole ... more »

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The low seats are because of the style of riding and tricks that riders are doing these days. A high seat will get in the way, or even hit you in the ass and send you over the bars at times, if youre hitting ramps and big dirt jumps, or tucking the bike ... more »