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Reply to my cranks 7/14/2010 2:50 PM

if you say there not bent then you said it they're not bent. maybe your foot is growing crooked, or you're eyes are. either way it can heal so you wont have to buy a new set of cranks so cheers

Reply to LA BIKE STORES! 6/30/2010 3:23 PM

incycle, pedalers west, burbank bike shop but incycle is the best just google them they have a few locations. oh ya and danscomp

Reply to WAX 6/29/2010 5:54 PM

damn somebody already said it

Reply to Easy way to work on manuals 6/23/2010 4:06 PM

ok no ive never been hurt looping out on manuals so i just try them with a whole bike

Reply to directors? 6/22/2010 3:38 PM

oh yeah thats why i started riding bmx. to look cool. GTFO and learn to ride for the sake of riding. people like you are the real trend whores

Reply to Need some help on flat 360's 6/22/2010 1:51 PM

bunnyhop higher than 2 inches and spin more than 180. im not trying to be a dick but you should have your taps dialed and then you should start learning flat threes. and your taps look pretty sketchy. dont try to advance too quickly thats how prople ... more »

Reply to for street riders that are brakeless question 6/22/2010 9:35 AM

GTFO if you ride brakes and metal pedals why did you click on a link for braakeless street riders dumbass

Reply to new skatepark in north hollywood 6/16/2010 2:41 PM

ya i know every time i go i just go to the high school lol

Reply to Shit Got Real! 6/14/2010 1:52 PM

i really like the ominous music

Reply to From AZ going to LA looking for parks! 6/11/2010 12:13 PM

go to chino ayala park you cant come to so cal without stopping by take the 10 east to the 71 south exit grand/Edison and head east (left) its on the corner of edison and central you cant miss it. and if you keep your eyes open you can find the wall ... more »

Reply to three sliders 6/11/2010 12:07 PM

ok so i have been told i have awesome three sliders i can do them going really fast too. so heres how i do them 1. get a moderate amount of speed so you don't stop halfway through the slide. 2. do a 180 and dont overrotate because it woll throw off your ... more »

Reply to BMX Lingo 6/10/2010 3:55 PM

what about WET. i do some sick shit on my bike and she is always wet

Reply to Any1 that rides covina skatepark 6/10/2010 10:25 AM

reguardless what the sighs say go after dark and tell me its not a bmx park theres soo many locals and theyre all really good

Reply to Any1 that rides covina skatepark 6/9/2010 4:40 PM

ya the corner of sunset and merced right next to queen of the valley hospital

Reply to colony fantastic. animal pc.or eclat surge metal. 6/9/2010 4:37 PM

you suck ive had my fantastic plastics for months. just dont get the see through kind

Reply to tyre 6/4/2010 11:01 AM

snafu has some great tires. the ones with the + signs fro the tread theyre especially good for riding skate lite which can be pretty slick siometimes http://www.danscomp.com/...444128.php?cat=PARTShttp://www.danscomp.com/...444121.php?cat=PARTS

Reply to Any1 that rides covina skatepark 6/4/2010 10:30 AM

ya its awesome i just like it because its super loud. the sign shakes on the fence and everyone looks at you all wow do that again lol. btu i used to ride there all day every day.

Reply to Trick list? 6/4/2010 10:27 AM

i just jearned alley oop wallrides 180 out on flat ground. theyre the only trick i care about right now. when people see me do them theyre all like :-o

Reply to Any1 that rides covina skatepark 6/3/2010 5:51 PM

no i walltap the fence there its sooo loud because of the signs lol.its the fence to the left of the quarter on the left side by where you leave to get a drink of water. the spot where the two hips and the big quarter are

Reply to Any1 that rides covina skatepark 6/2/2010 5:20 PM

i live far away in studio city i was there sat tho i learned to wallride the fence out of the quarter on the left where the bowl is to 180 out