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New thread Hollow Bolts for Runing Front Brakes 11/24/2020 7:00 PM

I want to run some front brakes down the steerer tube, but I'm not sure what kind of hollow bolt I need to do this. I have an Odyssey stem/headset. I would prefer to just get a simple 1 1/8" hollow bolt rather than buy a whole preload bolt. Can anyone

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New thread Switching to Smaller Tyres for Flatland 9/30/2020 9:53 AM

I have a 2021 Sunday Primer Park with 2.4 Odyssey Path Pro tyres. I want to go with some smaller tyres that are better suited for flatland/freestyle, but I'm not sure what would work and what would be best. I was thinking about Haro HPF 2.0 tyres. Does ... more »

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New thread If You *Had* to Get Side-Pull Front Brakes.... 8/15/2020 10:07 AM

I've decided that I definitely want to get front brakes on my bike to do various flatland/freestyle tricks, but my fork only has the mount for old school side pull brakes above the wheel. The adapter plates for u-brakes are almost impossible to find, ... more »

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New thread Front Brake Dilemma 8/3/2020 9:49 AM

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New thread Wheel/Tire Wobble on New Bike 7/29/2020 7:45 PM

I noticed the wobbling today. I'll post a video of what it looks like. The bike is only a couple of weeks old and has been ridden very lightly over this time. Can anyone tell me if this is a normal amount of wobbling to be expected, or if I might need ... more »

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New thread Odyssey M2 Brake Lever/Washer Problem 7/28/2020 7:47 AM

I took the lever apart while trying to tighten things up a bit. When I tried to put it back in I found I couldn't get it back in with the two golden washers. I can use one washer and get it to fit in, but it's too loose. Seems like there's about a mm

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New thread In Search of Bigger Pedals 7/25/2020 11:25 AM

I recently bought a complete bike, and I like everything about it except for the pedals. They're Welgo brand and seem to be good quality, but they're too small for my big feet. Can anyone recommend some good pedals in the $15-25 range that are good for ... more »

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New thread Cinema 4140 Pegs 7/20/2020 11:50 AM

I'm in the market for 4 pegs, mainly just for learning freestyle--no park riding, grinding, etc. I want something relatively light that want cost a fortune. The Cinema 4140 pegs seem to fit the bill at around $9 each, and they only weigh 6.6 oz each. ... more »

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New thread Thoughts on 2021 Sunday Primer Park Bike? 7/4/2020 2:09 PM

I'm getting back into BMX after about 20 years off, and I'm thinking of getting this as a starter (or re-starter, actually) bike. Just wondering if anyone has this bike or has heard about it from others who have tried it? I'm on the fence about the bright ... more »

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