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ok first of all i know it mostly my fault but its not like i left it somewhere iv never been b4 i lived at this house for almost 2 years. iv left it on pourch many times. yeah it sucks but im not exepcting simpothy from anyone it was just something i ... more »

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so its the weekend im going back to my home town to ride with my friends i leave my bike on my friends front porch and its fucking gone im pissed off. idk what to do cant affored another... if i found out who did this ill fucking kill them

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looks nice seats a little low for my taste but its nice

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plan on adding a little gold sometime

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See More BMX Photos at> frame: united trinity 07 sawed off brakes forks: fly headset: fly stem: coalition underload bars: primo pro grips: shadow thirteen front rim: sun rynolite front hub: shadow rant hub back rim: hazard lite back hub profile ... more »

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agreed 100% i cants stand the new kids coming up and talking shit or acting like something there not. it just seems to me like alot of the younger kids are in bmx for the wrong reasons... dont get me wrong here i know a few kids who just started riding ... more »

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punk rock, metal, classic rock, some bands... dropkick muphys. five finger death punch, ac/dc.

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sweet story man its always good to hear positve things about bmx

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my bike is also all black it the way to go lol but im thinking of throwing some gold in there somewhere

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im a street dog its been my fav. for as long as iv been riding. in my home town we used to have a pretty good park the sene was great ppl came from ohio and indy to ride there almost every weekend but the pcark went to hell now all i ride when im there ... more »

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im not the biggest fan of eastern but hell it looks like the best deal by far man. its got really good parts on it plus the frame isnt to bad in its self. if i where you it wouldnt even be a question just BUT IT NOW

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haha you took my answer i was going to go old school lol

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yes i agree it is an amazing part and an amazing video hands down. little devil had a great team and i was upset to see them go out of business

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is a bad ass hands down. just watched his part in criminal mischief and its still bad ass after all these years, so i thought to myself i look up some of his new shit and WOW it was fucking epic. he is a legend and has been for awhile and still top notch ... more »

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well first i have have to say steven hamilton is a bad ass. secondly what edit would you be talking i would like to watch it.

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any one know if they still make em?

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nicely said man... i remember when riders rode a bike just to ride and have fun not to be big and famous or to see who can have the nicest bike i have never had a brand new frame mine has either been hand me down from my older brother or bought used ... more »

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kids a fucking shreder... i wish i was riding that good now, cant imagine riding that good after my first 3 years thats crazy

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knee pads help with commiting to at least they did for me