MADERA NEWS 02-02-08

MADERA NEWS 02-02-08




Hey everyone, check out the new come up DVD for some shredding. In the bonus section Madera and Profile have mix sections. Support and go buy it and check us and it out.



After a brutal semester for me in school and some awkward and stressful living arrangements for my girlfriend, we decided to take a surf trip vacation to Puerto Rico. We had very little money but we both agreed that it would be worth it in the end. So we booked the tickets and were on our way.


We arrived in San Juan, which is the PR New York City of sorts. It is the largest city with the highest crime rate in PR. We had heard a lot of stories about travelers getting mugged and outrageous murder statistics, lucky for us our final destination was on the complete opposite side of the island in Aguadilla. We rented a car and  headed three hours west to our paradise. The island of Puerto Rico is only three hours from east to west and only about two north to south. We found a hotel which was to be our home for the next eleven days. Contrary to what we had heard, the locals were extremely friendly and courteous. Most of the locals were bilingual and almost always fluent in English. The rest of the trip consisted of surfing the most beautiful beaches for most of the day and then heading out to some local bars in the evening. The first few times we went out nobody would be at the bar exept for us. After the second time this happened we asked the bartender why it was so slow. She told us that the locals don't even start partying until 12 or later, there is no such thing as last call in Aguadilla. The waves were amazing even though they weren't great for PR they were awesome by Florida standards. The water is crystal clear all the way to the coral encrusted bottom. It didn't hurt your eyes either due to the low salt content. I would stick my head in the water while paddling on my board and see crazy bright blue fish and sea turtles! I had a great time surfing some of the best waves of my life and relaxing on the beach. I may have returned on the verge of eviction and starvation, but I'll do it again in a second if anyone wants to go!


MIKE HINKENS NEWS:Just to let everyone know, The Take is starting to come back and really try to kill all of your family and friends….ok, I mean , they are coming back strong with a fresh team, new products, and frames once again. John Ludwick and myself hope to be collaborating on some signature products sooner or later! Go check out the site and keep posted for more updates and content from all of the team. Check it out at…



Check out Josh’s new video!


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